What You Need to Know About Nurses Against Trump

While many of President Donald Trump’s Tweets, beliefs, and policies have offended an angered many people around the world, in the last few years, Trump has threatened to wreak havoc on health care, and nurses are up in arms. Here is what you need to know about nurses against Trump.

Trump Has Offended and Angered Nurses in 2 Countries

Trump has a habit of sending out Tweets that serve anger specific groups of people, and this was the case in 2018 when he angered UK nurses (as well as doctors) with a Tweet that falsely claimed that people in the UK were protesting because their National Health System was not working. 

Outraged by this Tweet, nurses spoke up defending the UK’s National Health System and stating that it was one of the best healthcare systems in the world, since it guaranteed that anyone who needed health care received it regardless of their income level.

While these nurses did agree that protests were going on in the UK, they also stated that these protests were to get the government to increase the NHS budget so that the health care system could more adequately care for all patients.

Trump’s Stand on Health Care in the U.S.

For the last several years, Trump has taken a stand or made comments that were directly in conflict with nurses providing the best health care for their patients. In 2017, his dislike of NAFTA made it difficult if not impossible for specialized nurses in Canada and Mexico to provide healthcare for patients in American medical facilities. These nurses are important to providing the best care to American patients in U.S. hospitals and Trump’s stand jeopardized that care.

In 2018, the National Nurses United criticized the Trump administration’s plan to promote discrimination by medical workers against transgender individuals based on the sexual orientation as well as against women seeking abortions, even if their life would be in danger carrying a pregnancy to term.

Nurses point out that this plan goes against the oath to take to provide care to all patients regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Now with his desire to make cuts in Medicaid and Medicare, even more people may face the prospect of not receiving life saving medical treatments if they cannot afford high insurance rates or have the money to pay upfront.

Nursing is the Most Trusted Profession

Surveys over the last several years have shown that nurses are the most trusted professionals, and patients have come to depend on knowing that nurses will provide them the medical care they need. Trump’s various attacks on the medical field have put that trust at risk and left many nurses feeling as though they are being handicapped in giving their patients the quality of care that every person deserves regardless of who they are or how much money they have.

It is likely if Trump’s attacks on the health care community continues, these nurses may take to the streets and openly protest his policies.