What Someone Had Lived Through If They Were Born in 1900

Perspective is everything. Today, you might feel like you are going through a difficult time or no one understands your struggle. However, it is important to remember that there are a lot of things to be grateful for in life. Someone has always had it worse. That someone could have been born in 1900.

Being born in 1900 means a life full of remorse and misery. Let’s go through some events that would have majorly shaped your life if you were born in 1900.

World War I

Living through a war is a terrifying experience. To live through one of the biggest wars in history is traumatic. If someone was born in 1900, they would have had to witness WWI at a very young age. This means a childhood covered with news instead of happy playgrounds. Being surrounded with 20 million deaths isn’t easy.


People that were born in 1900 would have had to undergo the Spanish flu in their late teens and 20s. Which is never a good start to an already traumatized youth. Later in their 40s, there would be the smallpox epidemic. Your 4’s are a critical age to build up to a retirement. Having pandemics and epidemics run the most critical ages of your life will truly scar you. That too when you witness more than 50 and 300 million deaths. That’s more than WWI.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression also hit in their late 20s to early 30s. People born in 1900 had to witness one of the largest economic slowdowns during the peak of their career. It really impacted their livelihood and their future. Unemployment was low at 25%, which means there was always stress on their minds.

World War II

WWII started in 1939. Imagine going through the very worst and witnessing yet again another largest war in history. The war included weapons that were deadlier than before. If you were born in 1900, the level of gloom and doom would be unsurmountable. About 3% of the entire population in 1940 died. That was a total of 85 million people.

Other Wars

If two world wars weren’t depressing enough on top of all the other things, many more wars took place. People born in 1900 would witness the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Cold War. And this is all in their old age for 50 and above. This era was identified by a fear of the use of nuclear weapons that would ruin generations to come.

This was only a glimpse of what the world looked like to someone who was born in the 1900. And despite all this, people have always managed to find something that makes them happy. If the world seems terrifying right now, have a look at the age of the 1900’s. It is the surest way to feel grateful and better about today.