What is the Next Frontier in the Drinking Water Industry?

Having adequate drinking water is essential to every community on Earth, which keeps countries moving forward trying to discover what is the next frontier in the drinking water industry. Over the generations, the drinking water industry has introduced such innovations as community water taking the place of individual wells, home water purification systems, bottled water, and new ways of distributing water.

The Coming Drinking Water Revolution in Australia

For modern day Australia, what is the next frontier in the drinking water industry may be old news for several other countries around the world – recycling waste water. While recycling waste water has been helping to supply drinking water to people in the U.S. and other countries since the 1960s, people in Australia – or at least parts of it – are reconsidering whether recycling waste water may supply them with the drinking water they need to overcome the current drought affecting their country.

It’s not that Australia lacks water recycling plants, it is simply that these plants may be underused, and if they are used to the highest level, then parts of Australia could suffer a real crisis in drinking water availability. While recycling waste water may meet modern drinking water needs, eventually the drought will have to end in order to replenish the water that never gets returned to the system.

Small Changes that May Lead to a New Frontier in the Drinking Water Industry

Not every new frontier in the drinking water industry is due to big changes; sometimes little changes can lead to advancements in the industry as well.

Benefits of Bottled Water

Bottled water was just one of those new frontiers, increasing the amount of water people drank, because they could pick up a cold bottle of water anywhere. Bottled water also made it much easier to ship drinking water to areas whose own community water systems had been breached due to natural disasters, such as the fouling of water supplies or the loss of electricity to run the pumps that provided water to a community.

Benefits of the Blender Bottle

Today, traveling water cup comes with straws or easy-to-close caps and are BPA free, but just what is the next frontier in the drinking water industry when it comes to traveling drinking cups? It is the Blender Bottle.

The Blender Bottle will allow you to carry a full 28 ounces of water when traveling, going to the gym, or simply using your home office. However, it is much more than a traveling water cup or jug, it also is a blender you can use to make individual smoothies, home-made salad dressings, and even shakes thanks to the blender ball that is designed right into the cup for mixing and blending ingredients.

The cup is designed to fit into the cup holders on vehicles, and it actually shows how much liquid you have left in the cup in both ounces and milliliters. How convenient!

As technology continues to develop, the drinking water industry will continue to grow as well. Stay tuned!