What COVID-19 Does to Your Lung Health?

Since October is a National Healthy Lung Month and Lung Health Day is celebrated on October 28 each year, we are going to enlighten you about COVID-19 and answer the question, “How does it impact your lungs?,” to increase awareness during National Healthy Lung Month.

It is important to note that lung health is just as important as any other organ of the body. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become more important to look after your lung health, because it is a respiratory disease that has the capability of damaging your respiratory tract including your lungs. The virus can cause breathing problems ranging from mild to critical conditions.

The extent of this virus is different in different people depending upon how strong your immune system is. While some people may have to suffer mild symptoms, some have to go through more severe symptoms, which can be life-threatening as well.

Let’s take a look at different conditions and how they can damage your lungs.

The Impact of Mild Symptoms Of COVID-19 on Your Lungs

Once the virus reaches your chest through your respiratory tract, it starts damaging your airways. This can lead to inflammation in the lungs. When the inflammation in your lungs increases, you may experience a dry cough that can resemble asthma. Apart from this, you may also feel pain in your chest while trying to breathe. The inflammation in the lungs can even cause swelling and tightening of the windpipe giving the effect of a sprained windpipe. If these are the symptoms of a mild condition of COVID-19, imagine what can happen to your lungs if the condition turns severe.

The Impact of Severe Symptoms of COVID-19 on Your Lungs

For people who do not have a good immune system, such as adults and the patients of lung diseases, the virus may turn more severe and damage their lungs more destructively. The severe symptoms of the virus include your lung cells dying. Your lung tissues start swelling up and filled with debris from these dead cells making it difficult for them to function properly. As a result, your normal oxygen level starts decreasing making it difficult for you to breathe properly. The more difficulty you face in breathing, the more life-threatening the situation may become for you. In a lot of serious cases, a person may need to be admitted to an ICU and even placed on a ventilator.

Can COVID-19 Have Long-Term Effects On The Lungs?

Since the virus is much new, there are no definite pieces of evidence of whether it can have a long-term effect on your lungs or not. but, cough and fatigue may linger on for many weeks in the patients who have just recovered from this deadly disease.

Look After Your Lungs!

The lung health has become extremely important since the deadly coronavirus is on the loose. Therefore, it has become more than necessary to take good care of your lungs. Check out NAC 600 mg by Pure Encapsulations, a supplement that helps in building healthy lung tissues and supports cellular antioxidant defense system. Take it as a dietary supplement to take care of your lungs!