The Latest World Leaders’ News

The latest world leaders’ news centers around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and various world leaders’ response to the virus. Some of the world leaders’ news highlights include the following.

Opening Up America

President Donald Trump has refused to extend the Federal stay at home protection order for the United States. He continues to encourage the opening of businesses throughout the United States and is now planning on setting up political rallies for his reelection talking about encouraging large crowds to attend his rallies.

Fighting the Virus

On April 24, 2020, several world leaders held a WHO conference in which leaders around the world have pledged to speed up working on tests, drugs, and vaccines to fight the virus. These world leaders also pledged to share any advancement in the fight against COVID-19 with the rest of the world. The U.S. did not attend the conference, and President Trump has criticized WHO for their handling of the virus.

How Other Countries are Handling the Pandemic 

India’s Prime Minister has been praised by other world leaders for his handling of the virus in his country.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now recovered from the Coronavirus. He was hospitalized 10 days after testing positive for the virus. In addition, Johnson’s fiancĂ© just gave birth to the couples’ first baby.

In Poland, past leaders of the country are calling for the people to boycott the upcoming election that the right wing party is pushing for, despite the pandemic.

President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil continues to downplay the coronavirus and it’s deadly effects, refusing to shut down the country even as the number of those infected and dying from the coronavirus grows. He even wants to reopen soccer matches in the midst of the pandemic that is devastating his country.

Women Lead the Fight Against the Coronavirus 

In the middle of April 2020, many women leaders were praised for their handling of the pandemic with special accolades going to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her handling of the coronavirus in her country. One of the reasons why women leaders seem to be doing such a good job dealing with the pandemic is because they are more willing to listen to experts than many of their male counterparts.

Female politicians normally don’t always make as many headlines among world leaders’ news, mainly because there are fewer women in politics for various reasons. However, once a woman does reach a higher political office, they tend to be more decisive.

Women face a difficult time becoming a political leader for a variety of reasons, but although things are changing slowly, the headway is being made. 

With most of the world leaders’ news centering on the pandemic and each country’s response to the coronavirus, the face of politics may be set for a change. Voters in various countries may be looking for new leaders in those countries where response to this pandemic has been slow or less than satisfactory. Perhaps this will lead to more women in office and an overall answer to the coronavirus pandemic.