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Welcome, let’s learn a little bit about international news. To startup, I’ll be talking about Yama Siawash. 

Yama Siawash died after being hit in an explosion from Makrorayan-e-Char area in Kabul’s PD9 in the morning on Saturday 

What caused the Explosion? 

The explosion was caused by a bomb that was attached to the vehicle of the former presenter of an Afghanistan TOLO TV. This exploded in the morning on Saturday. It killed two civilians and a journalist. 

The death of Yama Siawash is looked into and the identity of so many other victims is not completely known right now. This is what police spokesman Faramarz Ferdaws said. Nobody has claimed full responsibility for what happened  

Stories from Spotlight 

The University of Sage has come out as one of the best private Universities available in the middle of India. You can look at how its programs give industry education and it’s oriented that way.

What is happening in Afghanistan? 

Chaos and violence. That’s what is going on there. In recent months, after managing to survive an attack during the weekend from Kabul University which killed about twenty-two people. A lot of them were students. The Islamic State associate claimed that this attack and some other assaults were from an educational institution on the 24th of October. Also in the capital of the place, it aided in killing twenty-four more people.  

The increase in violent strikes comes even as the government negotiated and then the Taliban met in Qatar to look for different ways to get rid of this horrible war with Afghanistan. These two sides have made very small progress in doing so. I mean, lives are being wasted, and for what reason, for these wars. Damn. 

These conversations were part of an agreement that was negotiated between the Taliban and the United States. These were to let the United States and the Nato troops withdraw from Afghanistan. These have ended in nineteen years of being engaged in the military. From initial reports, Siawash was close to his apartment when the bomb that was put close to his vehicle exploded. Rafi Mohammed an eye witness stated that his brother and father were the first people to get to the vehicle which was completely covered in flames. 

Top International Trends These are information that’s trending all across the world. Of all of these, we’ve got, of course, the election results from Trump and Biden. And the Winner is Biden. So on the 20th of August, the United States of America would be getting a brand new chief executive that would start handling all the future events of this great country. Trump has from now till then to pack up himself and leave the office. It is all cool though. The public isn’t so sure if it is because of their hatred for Trump that they voted Biden in or because of their love for Biden. Whatever it is, we’ve got a new president. Let’s see what he’s got.