Staying Fit Outdoors While Practicing Social Distancing

Social distancing has put a damper on most people‚Äôs activities, including those activities people normally engage in to stay fit. However staying fit outdoors while practicing social distancing doesn’t have to be as difficult as most people imagine.

Outdoor Fitness for those Living in Rural Areas

If you live in the country or a rural area, then staying fit outdoors while social distancing is quite easy. You can still go for a bike ride, a walk, a jog, or a run without worrying too much that you will meet too many other people while exercising. Just make sure that if you do come across anyone else while out, try to stay 6 feet apart and keep a mask handy just in case. Here are some other tips.

Outdoor Fitness for City Dwellers While Practicing Social Distancing

If you live in a city particularly a large city, then staying fit outdoors while social distancing may be a little trickier. Some areas are highly congested making it almost possible for you to even walk your dog, or go jogging while staying at least 6 feet from other people. There are a few things you can; however, so keep reading!

Get Up Early: Choose a time of day when there are less people on the street and shorten the amount of time you are outside. This may mean getting up an hour or so earlier than normal to fit in some exercise before most of the population of your area is up.

Rise at Home: If you have your own private patio or balcony, you can place a stationary bike there and ride in the fresh air without having to actually go anywhere. While riding a stationary bike is not the same as riding in the park,  it will allow you to enjoy exercising in the fresh air.

Try Yoga: If you have even a small yard area you can perform yoga out of doors in order to stay fit. You can also run in place or run up and down your front steps in order to stay fit outdoors. Be inventive, as there is a lot you can do even if you have limited space.

Run or Jog: With many businesses closed due to a quarantine in your city, you may be able to find an empty parking lot where you run or jog. That way you can drive to the parking lot avoiding close contact with people and then exercise in that empty parking lot. Make sure that you treat the parking lot with respect, since the property belongs to someone else.

Other Ideas: Other ways of staying fit is by tending your garden, doing yard work, or building an obstacle course in your yard with items you have on hand.Staying fit outdoors while practicing social distancing will help relieve some of the stress of those stay in place orders. However, if you simply cannot practice social distancing while exercising outdoors, then exercise inside and get some fresh air by opening your windows for at least part of the day.