Personal Attacks Falsely Report About Greta Thunberg Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A lot of Canadian users of Reddit have seen a very serious resemblance between teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg and an image of someone who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. And she was personally attacked about it on Reddit and on other websites.

More on the Online Attack

People afraid of climate change activism have attempted to ruin the teen’s reputation.

There are different Reddit commenters that targeted the 17- year old Thunberg, her parents, and other aspects of her life in a nasty, negative way. Someone said that she presently could be the poster child for alcohol abuse. There are even a lot of memes that compared Thunberg to an image in the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome chart, which has been going around for quite a while.

In October, the National Organization for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) issued a statement that condemned the numerous attacks against the Swedish teen.

NOFAS criticized all the memes and stated them as really insulting, deeply offensive, and quite ignorant of the commenters.

We are all disheartened by the offensive memes which have all been instantly met without much criticism from news sites, blogs, and social media platforms.

Sadly, we have people in our society who use the illness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as an insult. This does a lot of harm, and it increases the stigma which surrounds FASD, Instead, the adults and children that are affected by the FASD deserve our support and understanding.

How Greta Thunberg Makes a Difference

Thunberg has since been a beautiful source of inspiration for climate activists around the world ,and she has brought out public protests over climate change for younger generations.

In August 2018, she started leaving school on Fridays to make the issue of climate change a serious one among her peers and elders. She was always caught standing with a handwritten sign about climate change.

She also travelled around the globe and inspired all students worldwide with strikes that called for an urgent response politically to climate change based on scientific facts about greenhouse gas and its emissions.

Thunberg has a lot of followers on social media – about 4 million on Twitter and 10 million on Instagram. She continues to fight for climate change awareness on those platforms and through the global news media.