Is There a Coronavirus Test? Also What are the Symptoms

The Coronavirus has been in the news a lot for these last few months, but the truth is that there are actually six known strains of this virus, the first being discovered in 1960. However, the latest strain of this virus and the deadliest was discovered in China and has been named nCOV-2019. This virus originates in animals normally cattle and can be spread to humans, who then spread it to other humans. Incubation for this virus takes between 3 and 14 days, with initial symptoms being that of the common cold.

Coronavirus Test

Currently there is no one test to identify the Coronavirus. Instead, if you have been working near cattle, been around people known to have contacted the virus, or traveled to countries when the virus is prominent and are showing symptoms related to this virus, which affects both the upper and lower respiratory system, then you need to be tested. That means that a series of tests will run through blood draws of the respiratory system and serum. The problem is specialized labs can only do the Coronavirus test.

Should these initial tests indicate the presence of a Coronavirus, more tests will need to be done to discover if it is the nCOV-2019 strain.

The Swiss Pharma Roche believes that they may have developed a Coronavirus test, which can diagnose the virus in just a few hours. Although this test is being used, other tests still need to be completed to ensure that the results of the Roche test are accurate.

Symptoms of the Coronavirus

If you are at risk of contacting the Coronavirus, then you need to seek testing if you suffer from any of the following symptoms.

  • Cold symptoms, such as a cough, runny nose, or sore throat
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing or feel congested

Reducing Your Risk of Catching the Coronavirus

There are some things you can do to help reduce your risk of contacting the coronavirus.

Strengthen Your Immune System

One way to help reduce your risk of catching the Coronavirus is to make sure that your immune system is as healthy as possible. You can do this by eating healthy and taking supplements designed to help keep your immune system healthy and strong, such as olive leaf supplements and other immune system supplements by Gaia Herbs, such as Olive Leaf Certified Organic

Wash Your Hands Often

Make sure that you wash your hands throughout the day. Most people come in contact with people who have cold and flu symptoms or objects. These people have touched dozens of times throughout the day, and washing your hands regularly can reduce your chances of catching a variety of diseases or illnesses, including the Coronavirus.

Avoid Busy Places and Traveling to Places Where the Virus is Prevalent

Avoid crowded places and areas where the virus is prevalent. This should reduce your chances of contracting the virus.

Should you believe you are exposed to the virus and are suffering from any of the symptoms, then contact your doctor and arrange to have a Coronavirus test done.