How to Stay Woke to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Staying woke is an African American expression in English used to explain the process of continually spreading awareness about various issues. Without doubt, our world is full of immense racism and racial inequality – despite people putting this off and ignoring facts, it is a complete reality.

Only those who actually suffer at the hands of it are able to truly express how horrible it feels to be belittled and harassed because of the color of their skin. Although the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” went viral in the year 2013 and did raise awareness about the struggles of racial injustice that were faced by black Americans at that time. Now it is one of the biggest movements in U.S. history.

Racist politics and practices are still a huge part of our political, social, and economic institutions. These practices cause immense injustice and inequality for people of color. It is important for us to always stay woke (aware) about the Black Lives Matter Movement and continue to raise awareness and provide knowledge to people about it as a means to stop this injustice happening once and for all.

What is the Black Lives Matter Movement?

The Black Lives Matter Movement advocates for non-violent and civil protests against various incidents of brutality faced by black Americans at the hands of the police who possess racially motivated violence against these black individuals.

It is a decentralized network that peacefully protests for the rights of black Americans in both the U.S. and Canada. Apart from advocating against the violence brought on to the black Americans at the hands of the police, the Black Lives Matter Movement also fights for black liberation as a whole.

All lives matter, but black lives are the ones that have been harmed the most throughout history. The movement stands for equal rights of all humans, especially black Americans.

How to Stay Woke to the Black Lives Matter Movement?

In order to stay woke towards the Black Lives Matter Movement, it is essential that you learn great knowledge about all the issues of racial discrimination that exist and how they can be changed. You need not only stay woke yourself, but you need to be aware of others to do the same, too.

People should be made aware about the suffering black Americans have had to face at the hands of racial discrimination, even when they are simply asking for basic human rights. Be aware about the various black Americans who actually stood by and fought for the rights of others, even losing their lives in the process.

Racial injustices are an undeniable reality of our society, and we need to stay woke in order to battle this unjustness.