How Close Are We to a COVID-19 Vaccine That Works

Forget about the fact that things seem to be calming down. It isn’t really like that. Have you made research, do you know how fast and how hard the medical community of the world is working to get us all a vaccine that would completely and utterly get rid of this nasty ass virus? Because that’s what the world wants now, to be honest. A world in the absence of Covid 19. This article would give us something so we can catch up with where the world is in looking for a vaccine for us all. 

Where are we with getting This Vaccine 

All scientists all across the world are working very hard to create different treatments and to create vaccines for COVID-19. They are trying to get potential vaccines and treatments which would help solve the global issue we all know as Corona Virus. Different firms and companies are working on antiviral drugs. Some of these are being used presently to help different people that presently have Covid-19. Other companies are working on different vaccines which could be used as a preventive measure against the disease.

Other companies are working on vaccines that could be used as a preventive measure against the disease.

Coverage from Health Line on Corona Virus. 

The number of people that have been confirmed to have COVID19 in the US has passed 9.4 million and these numbers don’t have any plans of stopping. Different scientists are using their energies to look for more ways to get treatments to reduce the speed of the pandemic and to reduce the damage the disease has caused or done.

On the 22nd of October, the Drug and Food Administration has given the company known as Veklury. This is one of the first drugs that have been approved to treat COVID-19. It could be used by adults and teenagers from thirteen years and above. 

This general agency has also issued Emergency Use Authorizations for a lot of other treatments. These treatments include a plasma therapy drug that is used to sedate different people that are placed on a ventilator. Both these drugs are used for people that are going through the blood purification process which is known as renal continuous replacement therapy. 

This EUA lets doctors make use of these drugs to treat different people before the drugs go through the usual FDA approval steps.

Right now, there isn’t any vaccine that saves us from SARS-CoV-2. This is the virus that causes COVID-19. This has gotten an emergency use authorization and complete approval in the United States. Though some countries have granted limited or early ways to approve some very nice vaccines. 

We are putting our hopes on time and the universe. Over the months to come, we should see more drugs appearing as treatments for COVID-19. There all depend on the outcome of trials from the clinic. Any drug that doesn’t work, it shall be archived, those that work would be used.