Highlights of the U.S. Gold Medal Winners in the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Despite past performances, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games turned out to be monumental for the United States. As citizens from all over the US remained glued to their TV screens, they were able to enjoy tears of joy, moments of resilience, and shiny gold medals for their beloved athletes from America.

However, it was not an easy ride for Team USA to gain all the medals. Instead, they had to go through some bumps here and there to achieve such success. Nonetheless, team USA still enjoyed a successful and happening 16 days. Here is everything you need to know from the highlights of the U.S. gold medal winners in the Tokyo Olympics 2020:

1. Gable Steveson

All eyes were on the 21-year-old Minnesotan as he carried forward the legacy of the 1972 Olympic champion Dan Gable. While these Olympic Games were only Steveson’s second international tournament, he was able to make all heads turn with his late takedown in the 125kg heavyweight freestyle wrestling. Needless to say, the win was quite dramatic as there was only less than a second remaining when Steveson was able to turn the tables around. With his win, America was able to enjoy its first heavyweight gold medal in the past 29 years.

2. Nevin Harrison

When a 19-year-old American qualifies for the Tokyo Olympic Games, we all had high hopes for her win. While Harrison only starting practicing canoeing after she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia several years ago, her efforts seemed to pay off when she won the Olympic game with a significant margin. Not one competitor even came close to Nevin Harrison as she crossed the winning line during the canoe single 200m sprint.

3. Caeleb Dressel

If you saw Caeleb Dressel swimming in the Olympic Games pool, you would know what we are talking about when we say we have never seen such passion and determination. Dressel not only won a single individual gold medal, but now has a total of four including the two in 100m relay races. Although Dressel seemed to be perfectly determined as we saw him swimming seamlessly in the pool, he later opened up about how exhausting the entire week of swimming was for him.

Apart from these three gold-medalists, we have two more honorable mentions for you:

1. Molly Siedel

Making it to the Tokyo Olympic Games should be an achievement on its own, but Molly Siedel was also able to secure a bronze medal as she ran the marathon. It is also important to note that this was Siedel’s third-ever marathon participation, making the win even more special for her. We hope to see Molly Siedel representing the U.S. in future Olympic Games too, and hopefully bring home a few gold medals too.

2. Women’s Gymnastics

If you followed the dramatic rollercoaster that was women’s gymnastics in Team USA this year, then you already know why we were surprised to see this win on live television. After Simone Biles withdrew from the competition early on, there was little to no hope left in Team USA securing a medal in women’s gymnastics. To our pleasant surprise, Olympic debutantes Sunisa Lee, Grace McCallum, and Jordan Chiles were quick to rise to the challenge and secure a silver medal after all.