Coronavirus Cases on the Rise in These Countries

The cases of coronavirus seem to be appearing again in different countries. This is why it is still a good thing to practice all the precautionary measures such as self-isolation and wearing a protective mask until the virus has completely died out. Getting yourself tested for the virus is also not a bad idea. Apart from this, you should also take the necessary supplements to make your immune system stronger to fight this deadly disease.

Although many countries are experiencing a decline in the cases, coronavirus cases on the rise in other countries are just heart-shattering and devastating. Keep on reading below to find out about the coronavirus cases on the rise in these countries.

Coronavirus Cases on the Rise in These Countries

Out of the total 45 countries that have recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in the past few months, 21 of these countries have relaxed the lockdown, as a result, 10 of these countries are said to be facing cases of coronavirus again. Some of these countries are listed below.

·       The U.S.:

The U.S. has experienced a large increase in the number of coronavirus cases when the country decided to relax the lockdown.

·       France:

After the U.S., France has been reported to have the highest daily rise in the number of coronavirus cases in months. All the health departments are clueless about what to do.

·       Italy:

Although Italy has been careful again after noticing a significant rise in the number of coronavirus cases, the damage has been done now. With the number of cases multiplying each day, there are new deaths reported as well.

·       Germany:

Although Germany was known to successfully fight off the coronavirus during its initial stage, the country is again facing a large number of cases for the past few weeks.

·       Belgium:

You would be surprised to know that a daily average of approximately 500 cases is being reported in Belgium in one single week.

Why The Unexpected Increase?

The reason for coronavirus cases on the rise in these countries is because of their relaxing lockdown policies. We should know that this is a deadly virus, and the human immune system is not strong enough to deal with it. This is why the virus is still looming and looking for prey wherever possible.

Possible Solution

No doubt COVID-19 has affected all us very badly, and many individuals face serious symptoms that should be treated with medical help. The major cause of these symptoms getting serious is a weaker immune system in many individuals. If you have a weak immune system, check out products like Buffered Vitamin C by Integrative Therapeutics.

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Therefore, we should try to keep our immune system as strong as possible by taking the necessary supplements to fight off this life-threatening virus.