Changes in Political Gatherings Since the COVID Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of things in this world. From political systems to international relations that affect different countries. These have caused lots of legislative activities to become suspended, lots of politicians have died, people become isolated from one another, and the time of elections had to be changed because everyone was afraid the virus would keep spreading.

The General Impact of the COVID Pandemic

Government power has faced an expansion that was not necessary as a result of the world responding to the COVID Pandemic. Small governments and their advocates worry that the country would have a problem giving up this power after the end of the pandemic. The moment this turns to history, reversal would become a serious problem.

How Popular are these Leaders?

There has been evidence that the COVID Pandemic has caused various effects politically in countries all around the world having ratings of approval in these countries like Germany with an extra 11 points, Italy with an extra 27 points, France with an extra 11 points, and the United Kingdom too. For Donald Trump, he has gotten a 6 point drop in approval. Governors of different states in the U.S have noticed increases—as much as 55 points for people like the New York Governor Cuomo Andrew. 31 points have been added for Roy Cooper the Governor of Carolina and 30 points have been added for Gretchen Whitmer the Governor of Michigan.

States of Emergency During the COVID Pandemic

More than eighty-four countries have stated they’ve been in an SOE (state of emergency) while making the world know how their countries have been doing since the pandemic started. Some reporters have said that these countries do not want to fully state what is happening to them through the COVID Pandemic to the press. They have postponed elections, banned mass protests, and seriously made everyone stay at home. They have even handed payments to minorities and political supporters. Different countries have started surveillance programs that are used to trace their contacts. This has led to worries about the privacy of the citizens of these particular areas.

Impact of COVID Pandemic on International Relations

There have been several conversations and arguments on how to handle this global pandemic. It has even created a rift between Southern and Northern member states. These arguments look like those countries that suffered from the 2010 debt crises which took place in Europe—EU countries like France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Slovenia. They all called for what is known as corona bonds. This is also known as a type of Eurobond. This helps countries to gain solid ground for them to feel better after these terrible effects from the COVID Pandemic.

The way the pandemic has come and changed everything completely makes the lives we live now an absolute shadow of how we lived pre-pandemic. No leader of any country expected this.

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