Bernie Sanders News: What’s Happening in Hong Kong?

Many people are still confused about Bernie Sanders’ stand on the Hong Kong protests. While the protests themselves have stopped or nearly stopped thanks to the Coronavirus epidemic, it may well start up again once the pandemic is over, until then the country seems to be in a wait-and-see mode.

However, the American public is still confused when it comes to Bernie Sanders’ Hong Kong stand. Back in August 2019, he was one minute praising the Democratic protesters, tweeting support at them, and the next minute he was in Hong Kong calling the protesters “ungrateful” for not recognizing how good they had it under communism. He even suggested that people were better off standing in bread lines than living in a country like America where people had to choose between 14 different kinds of deodorant.

It has been clear since about 2016 that Sanders certainly had sympathy for totalitarian leaders and felt that in many cases they did a lot of good for their country, but I doubt if anyone actually expected Sanders to fly to Hong Kong and actually berated the protesters while they were being beat down by the totalitarian police force, but that is just what he did.

Could Sanders’ Actions in Hong Kong Cost Him a Chance at the Presidency?

With the protests in Hong Kong having the possibility to flare up once again, one has to wonder whether or not Sanders’ Hong Kong past comments could cost him a chance at the presidency. Although he seems to be somewhat ahead in the polls, it’s hard to imagine that if he continues to side with the government against those seeking a more democratic way of life that the public will have much confidence in him.

So What is Happening in Hong Kong Now?

While Bernie Sanders’ Hong Kong comments have been few and far between in the last couple of months, Hong Kong itself is hunkered down trying to fight the Coronavirus. With not enough protective facial masks to help stave off the virus on Hong Kong’s busy streets, the most recent news from Hong Kong is that a dog has tested a weak positive for the virus and has been quarantined, although it is unclear whether or not the dog is actually infected.

Although the spread of the virus from mainland China has certainly not been widespread, at this point it has fueled the discontent that protesters have regarding the mainland, which is sure to fuel future protests and the need for Hong Kong to be autonomous from China mainland.

One can only hope that should protests erupt again that Sanders will come to see the protesters viewpoint or at least remain neutral on the subject.

For now, it looks like we can put Bernie Sanders’ Hong Kong comments to rest and hope that those comments don’t come back to haunt him in the months to come during election season.