Animal Rights Debate: Pleather vs. Leather Home Decor

The debate regarding animal rights has been going on for almost 50 years and will continue to go on as long animals or animals by-product continue to be used by mankind. Therefore the goal of this blog is not to rehash the animal rights debate but to rather discuss where it is better to use pleather or leather for home décor. 

Leather Home Decor 

Leather is made from the skins of animals (not just cows), and while some leather comes from cows that are used for meat or milk cows who are no longer producing, other leather comes from animals for the sole purpose of being killed and their skin used to make leather. 

Leather has long been used in home decor from everything to sofas, recliners, and other furniture to picture frames, magazine racks, and even tissue box covers. Leather has a luxury buttery feel and is extremely long-lasting. High-quality leather is also extremely expensive.

While many people like the look of leather, they find that they actually prefer something more affordable and therefore choose to use pleather (faux leather in their home décor.) In fact, today more people use pleather in their home decor instead of leather. So let’s take a look at pleather vs. leather home decor.

Why Choose Pleather for Home Decor 

  • Pleather, also known as vegan leather, is less expensive than real leather.
  • Pleather is more animal-friendly, since it is made of synthetic materials and not from animal hides.
  • There are basically two types of pleather – faux leather made from PVC and pleather made of polyamide microfiber polyurethane. The second type of pleather is preferred because it is more environmentally friendly, breathable, and easy to clean. Other types of pleather made from cork or ocean kelp are also becoming more popular. 
  • Pleather is durable and is less resistant to cracking than leather furniture, which takes a great deal of conditioning to keep it looking good and avoid cracking.
  • Cleaning pleather is often as simple as wiping it with a damp cloth. 

Why Choose Leather Home Decor 

There are several advantages to buying leather home decor, especially furniture.

  • Leather ages beautifully. The more that leather ages, the more luxurious it looks and feels. Pleather will never look any better than did when you first bring it home.
  • Leather furniture is far more breathable, meaning your butt won’t stick to it when sitting on it in short shorts.
  • Leather does not puncture or tear as easily as some pleather because it has more elasticity.
  • Leather is less likely to absorb smells.

When considering whether to use pleather or leather home decor, or even cruelty free nail salon products or other consumer goods, the answer depends on your budget as well as your ethical stand on using animals for their hide or fur. If you are one of the many people that deplore the use of animals for food or their hides, then pleather is definitely a better bet. But in the end, the choice comes down to your own personal beliefs and of course what you like and what you can afford.