Why We Should Wipeout Fraternity Vs. Sorority Organizations in College

Fraternities and sororities have been part of college life almost as long as there have been colleges, but while the world around them has changed, a great deal these organizations still hold onto archaic ideas about sexual privilege, racism, and hazing – despite changing laws and rules, which is why many people believe that we should wipeout fraternity vs sorority organizations on college campuses for good.

4 Reasons to Wipeout Fraternity vs Sorority Organizations

Sexual Assault Among Fraternities and Sororities

Studies have shown that fraternity members are 3 times more likely to commit a sexual assault than members in the regular college community, and sorority women are almost twice as likely to become victims of a sexual assault. These statistics are astounding! The high numbers may be due in large part to a number of factors.

First, many frat members pledge to not betray a brother, so when one member commits a crime of rape or sexual assault, the other members are hesitant to report it or even admit to being a witness. So they close ranks and keep the secret. In recent years, there have been accounts of several frat members assaulting a single member, which may well be a sign of pack mentality.

Sorority members often fail to report sexual assaults committed by popular fraternity members for fear of retaliation by the fraternity or their own sorority sisters.

Excess Drinking Adds to Poor Choices and Bad Behavior

Studies have also shown that fraternity members are more likely to engage in binge drinking than the rest of the college population, and sororities also tend to drink and party more. All of this excess drinking results in poor choices and bad behavior leading not only to sexual assaults, but property damage and even increased incidents of drunk driving and DUIs.

The Continuing Deaths in Fraternities

It has been reported that there has been at least one fraternity death reported every year since 1970, with 40 hazing deaths occurring between 2007 and 2017. While sororities reported less hazing deaths 2 of them in 2002. USA Today reports that there have been more than 250 hazing deaths at U.S. schools since the 1800s. More details are on the unofficial Hazing Deaths Database by Hank Nuwer, a journalism professor at Franklin College.

Hospitalizations and severe humiliation has been as rampant among sororities as fraternities, providing yet another excellent reason why we should wipeout fraternity vs sorority organizations.

Racism Part of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Racism also seems to be alive and well in fraternities and sororities. While some incidents like chanting racial slurs has gained national attention, a good deal of racism is not so open. Black, Asian and Latino members of fraternities and sororities are often treated differently than the white majority members of a fraternity. In many cases, they are excluded from certain benefits, ask to take on tasks white members shun, and if they complain they are often punished.

Despite the voices of educators, parents, and some students themselves asking to wipeout fraternity vs sorority organizations, actually ending these organizations is much harder than one might expect, since they are backed by alumni that contribute a lot of money to the colleges and universities which have chapters of Greek organizations they once belonged to.