What’s in the Cards: Our Astrology, Trump Impeachment Predictions

With the U.S. House of Representatives ready to pass a resolution of impeachment around Christmas, it will be up to the Senate whether they will impeach President Donald Trump or not. At this point in time, it appears that it’s in the cards and our astrology Trump impeachment prediction is that the Senate will impeach the president. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Impeachment?

An impeachment in no way means that Trump is guilt of any unlawful act, nor that the Senate will find him guilty. Impeachment is simply the process of hearing the evidence against the President before deciding whether to remove him from office or not.

Only two other times in history was there an impeachment of a president. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached, both found not guilty, and both continued in office. There is little doubt that according to our astrology Trump impeachment prediction, Trump’s impeachment hearings will end with the same non-guilty vote. 

In fact, when you consider the number of Republicans holding Senate seats and the number of Democrats and Independents holding Senate seats, it does not take astrology to see that Trump will be found not guilty.

How It Works

It will take 67 votes for Trump to be found guilty at his impeachment trial, and Democrats and Independents hold only 47 seats in the Senate. Even if every Democrat and Independent voted to find Trump guilty, it is unlikely that 20 Republicans would jump ship and vote guilty.

So according to our astrology Trump impeachment prediction, an impeachment will occur, but it will be little more than perfunctory when it comes to really hearing the evidence against the president. Republicans have really made up their mind to vote not guilty, and the impeachment hearing will simply be window dressing in order for the Republicans to save face.

Real Talk

The real problem lies, not in the impeachment hearings themselves, but in the current argument between Trump and the Senate Republicans on how long the trial will be. While Senate Republicans want as short of a trial as possible with the 2020 elections coming up, Trump wants a long drawn-out trial in which his side calls witnesses, namely those who testified against him at the House hearings in a vengeful effort to punish them for daring to question his ethics.

With the time of a potential impeachment trial looming ahead, the question is whether Republicans will continue to give into Trump, or will they defy the president and do what is necessary to protect their own re-election hopes?

With Trump already making it clear through his past Tweets, that those not standing with him are against him, Republicans will be walking a fine line trying to secure their own political futures without taking direct fire from the president.

One thing is for sure, we can easily predict that any impeachment of Trump will have the ability to shake up the 2020 elections in one way or another. 

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