What Will Be Voted On In 2022 United States Elections?

Since President Joe Biden came into power, things have changed drastically in both ways. Many citizens who were supporting Trump in the 2016 elections swung towards Biden in the 2020 elections. The turnout was sky-high in many counties.

The upcoming 2022 elections are crucial for the governmental body of the US. All 435 in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 senates will be contested during this midterm election. Thirty-two of the 34 seats up for elections in 2022 were last up for election in 2016.

A year has passed since President Biden took charge of the office, and now his performance will help the Americans decide whom to support in the 2022 elections. However, Republicans are also working to restore what made them loose the 2020 elections.  

When former president Trump left office United States was in crisis. The blow from Covid-19 was on peak. War with Afghanistan was in a bad state, and racial tensions in the country were lingering over. 

The agenda that most people were in favor of Trump was that the wall was built with Mexico. Republicans were always looking up for it, and Trump made that happen. However, the refugee issue was still there.

Key Issues President Biden Worked On In the Past Year


During the last hours of Trump’s tenure, fatalities of Covid-19 crossed the mark of 400,000 and were accelerating.

President Biden’s first goal as he entered office was to bring COVID in control. Accordingly, he implemented a six-pronged, comprehensive national strategy to combat variants of Covid-19 successfully. First, vaccination awareness increased the rate of vaccinated citizens. 

Now the COVID condition in the States is better than before, and the Americans now are safe.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The war that was going on for two decades finally came to an end. President Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan was successful. Every battalion of the US army was brought back home.

The feedback President Biden got for his decisions was double-sided. First, Americans were impressed with how he handled the Covid-19 situation. Meanwhile, many Americans were in favor of the withdrawal of the troops but didn’t like the way it was handled.

In the senate elections, there are possibilities that 10 of the seats might flip in the 2022 election for both parties. However, Biden’s approval rating stood on the edge at 52%, which can be affected by anything.

Final Words 

The 2022 elections will be a tough one and will show what the Americans are hoping for in the upcoming years. Unfortunately, President Biden has still not reached the expectation level of the Democrats.

The Americans choose him for a reason, and he is not successful in achieving that yet. The 2022 elections will bring more clarity to that as well.

Female politicians play a vital role in the governing bodies of both parties. They help create social order and inspire others as well. This step can ease inequality and racial tensions in the society.