What was the Controversy over Saturday Night Politics?

Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch was the newest political show to hit the airways, making its debut on May 2019. It was canceled after just 13 episodes – but why? 

From the beginning, the show was met with controversy over its clearly biased opinion against everything Republican-related, while praising Democrats for the least little comment whether relevant or not. 

While being biased is not particularly unique to political shows, this show seemed to be more of a rehash of old commentary and events instead of any true insightful observations by the host or any of the guests. 

Why ‘Saturday Night Politics’ Had to End

Originally, Saturday Night Politics offered a more relaxed and interesting set-up for a political show that seemed intriguing, until people actually tuned in to the first episode and discovered that that the show was a tired repeat of happenings that had already been discussed. 

Even the slams at President Donald Trump over his many inappropriate comments offered no fresh insights and views, which would at least have offered some good entertainment. 

The show did little to promote any true lively political debates that might have drawn viewers in on a Saturday night. In fact, it gave little air time to Republicans to discuss any current political issues or to voice their views on any issue. It was, instead, heavily Democratic in nature.

In a year where viewers tend to tune into the political show to learn more about the issues that are relevant to them before the 2020 Presidential Election, Saturday Night Politics avoided or at least side-stepped any real discussion of the issues that affect real Americans.

It is little wonder that this show dropped in ratings since it debut and was canceled in August 2019.

Perhaps the controversy over this show is because the show the host Donny Deutsch was still trying to find his footing in a format that is slightly different that one he is used too. But it would have taken some significant changes to make the show a political show worth tuning into. Here are just a few improvements the show could have invested in to keep it on the air.

What ‘Saturday Night Politics’ Could Have Done Better

  • Had open discussions with various potential Democratic candidates about where they stand on relevant issues and how their views differ from other candidates both Democrats and President Trump himself.
  • Allowed Republicans to voice their views and asked leading Democrats to openly analyze those views.
  • Instead of a rehash of the week’s political events, the show should’ve offered some new insights into what is happening in politics and why.

If MSNBC had hoped to make a success of this program and make it a unique view on politics, it already failed. In the future, it really needs to start giving some thought into how the content and the mission of such a show can be something that viewers actually want to watch – not only to be entertained but to better understand the current and future issues this country will be facing.

Unfortunately, nothing changed in time, and Saturday Night Politics simply became another boring political show that failed the viewing public.