What Happened with Trump’s Impeachment Trial?

Trump’s impeachment trial has been all over the news in the past couple of weeks. If you are not updated regarding the various happenings in the U.S., here is a quick rundown of everything that has happened. 

After a mob of Trump supporters successfully stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and imposed a serious threat towards the country’s security measures, a trial was held to decide whether or not this was something supported or encouraged by Trump himself. The trial was, as the title suggests, of impeachment

The reason behind taking such drastic measures due to the mob is that it occurred the same day that lawmakers were meeting to officiate Joe Biden’s presidential victory. This is significant, especially since former president Donald J. Trump had already been claiming that the elections had been rigged. 

As part of the trial, the House voted 267 to 197, in majority of approving the first article of Trump’s impeachment. This article constituted that Trump had deliberately incited violence against the United States for his own political agenda. Apart from the majority of Democrats, there were 10 Republicans (from Trump’s own party) who voted to impeach the former president. 

But this was only the first step towards Trump’s impeachment. To actually convict Trump for the violent behavior, there would need to be a 2/3rd majority in the Senate. Since many Republicans are still part of the Senate, such a majority seemed rather improbable. 

Why Does It Matter?

If you are wondering why this impeachment trial even matters since Trump has already lost the presidential election, then we are here to clarify the confusion for you. If impeached, the Senate would then bar Trump from his rights towards running for public office again. This meant that he would never be able to become President again, or even become part of the Senate. If the impeachment trial were to fail, then the former president could continue to compete in presidential elections of the future. 

This was an important step for the Senate since it represented what the entire country stood for. Should it be allowed for somebody who promotes violence in the capitol to run for presidential elections again?

The Results

Despite the efforts made by the Republicans to impeach Trump once and for all, they could not reach the majority required in the Senate. 

Last week, many Republicans marched for justice as they are still adamant on trying the former president for encouraging the act of violence in the Capitol. However, the Democrats won by a 55 to 45 majority – where the vote of a few Democrats saved Trump from being barred from office. 

Despite Trump’s attempts to encourage violence, overturn the election results, claims of fraud in the presidential election, and the assault by his followers, it was still not possible for the Senate to impeach him. 

On the same day, new President Joe Biden signed executive orders towards lawmaking in the United States that would lessen the impact of racism in the country.