What Happened to the Second U.S. Stimulus Package?

The last four years of American politics have been anything but smooth. It was like a real game of thrones with President Donald Trump vs. Nancy Pelosi. Like all other presidencies, the Trump presidency has also seen its fair share of controversies. Most of these controversies arise from the fact that Trump’s policies drastically differ from that of the democrats, and in some cases, they also differ from his fellow republicans. One of the latest controversies is that of the Coronavirus Relief Fund called the second U.S. stimulus package.

What Is the Second US Stimulus Package?

Everyone knows that COVID-19 has put a dent in the global economic system like nothing else ever did in the modern world. The U.S. was hit by the pandemic and thus suffered from a lot of financial loss. The jobholders, businesspeople, and even the government was financially affected by the coronavirus.

In order to provide relief to the general public in wake of the devastation and destruction caused by the coronavirus, the government decided to come up with a relief package for its citizens and businesses. It is a multi-trillion-dollar economic plan that is going to help rebuild the American economy and financially help companies and individuals who lost their momentum due to the pandemic.

What’s Happening With the Second U.S. Stimulus Package?

On March 27th, President Donald Trump signed the CARES Act, which is the largest relief fund ever in American history. In order to make this first U.S. stimulus relief bill work, it has to pass through both houses. Trump and Pelosi have been back and forth in the stimulus checks. First, it was the Republicans who wanted a smaller stimulus package; whereas Pelosi demanded a higher number. This back and forth caused a lot of delays in the process. 

Pelosi and the Republicans couldn’t come to terms with the second U.S. stimulus package, which is why Pelosi kept pushing back. She did not let the bill pass. Both sides held their ground and did not budge. All of this delay affected the economy even more.

Now Trump has demanded that the second stimulus checks should be even higher than the first time. Many political experts have been saying that Trump is using this as a way to get himself reelected and not to help the people. No matter the reason, larger stimulus checks will help the COVID-stricken citizens who need all the financial support they can get.

Recently there have been talks of $1,200 checks for the second stimulus package, and there are very high hopes that both the Democrats and Republicans would be happy with this package. It is speculated by political experts that $1,200 is the amount that people will be getting for their second U.S. stimulus checks, as well as other benefits like extended unemployment support.

Both the Republicans and Democrats need to understand that this is for the people of the country. There shouldn’t be any politics on such matters which demand high attention and this pandemic is one of those matters. The checks (and additional benefits) should be given to people as soon as possible, so that the national economy can once again flourish and stand strong on its feet.