U.S. Capitol Riot Trial News

On January 6, many rioters violently streamed into the U.S. Capitol. They broke windows, came inside, and remained there for several hours. All the lawmakers and staff immediately escaped from the complex. Police arrested many of those offenders that day.  After an approved bail, some of these offenders were sent back home.  However, the political leaders defended the assault of these rioters, and they called the event a failed insurrection.  After that The FBI also launched a campaign to search the missing violent rioters.

At that moment, there was a strike by all the technology companies. Some of the accused defendants managed to pay their legal fees online through their developed fundraising network and payment processes. 

These defendants were engaged in a proper fundraising network, making many companies a part of it. Many popular apps were also used, such as Cash App, Stripe, and PayPal.

There are websites designed to serve the same purpose: GoFundMe, GiveSendGo, GoGetFunding, AllFundIt, and Our Freedom Funding. A computer science professor, Megan Squire studied the whole process and said, “It’s so predictable, and it’s never going away”. 

When the tech companies banned all these apps and warned all the websites to stop such activities. One of the well-known fundraising websites, GoFundMe, said they have already banned all the fundraising campaigns which involve donations that support any particular political event which is a risk of violence. However, many extremists who were accused of causing violence at the Capitol Complex changed their payment accounts and managed to deceive the system. After this, it was noticed that the shelter place for these insurrectionists is another website known as GiveSendGo. According to the research, ten insurrectionists were using this website for fundraising.  One of these was Nicholas Ochs, founder of Proud Boys Hawaii, who got arrested for his unlawful entry into the capitol. He used an encrypted message and started fundraising on GiveSendGo for legal fees. Ochs in his account received an amount of almost $20,000. However, his page of crowdfunding was removed by the authority. After a few weeks, Ochs started another fundraising program on a new website, GoGetFunding. Nick Decarlo, who was photographed next to Ochs, fundraised more than $7,000 for legal fees on the same platform. Brandon Stake was also arrested for his participation in the violent attack. He was one of the firm supporters of Donald Trump, who used another website AllFundIt, and raised $180,000. AllFundIt was one of those websites who instead of banning the campaign welcomed all the supporters. Members of proud boys Joe Biggs received $52,201, and Dominic Pezzola received $730; through their fundraising campaign on the Our Freedom Funding website. 

After all these activities were reported and when the tech companies warned these platforms, some of them took action against it, and some resisted. They said that the platforms are available for everyone until and unless anyone is involved in illegal activities. Some crowdfunding apps set some strict rules and regulations.