Trump News Today Video Excerpts

It doesn’t seem like a day goes by without a slew of news regarding the U.S. President Donald Trump and what he says and does. The last few weeks have been no exception, with a variety of news video excerpts and stories filling the internet and national news programs. Here are some of Trump news today video stories.

4 Trump News Today Video Summaries

Smugglers Cutting Holes in Border Wall

The Washington Post posted a story and video excerpts regarding the border wall that has caused so much commotion during these three years of Trump’s presidency. It seems that this “inaccessible wall” is having holes cut into it by smugglers with a tool that can be picked up for around $100. Along with the holes, there have also been reports of smugglers scaling the walls and even using make-shift ladders to climb up the wall. This proves that this multimillion dollar wall has done nothing to prevent access into the United States.

Trump Moves His Permanent Residence from NYC to Florida

A Trump news today video for Nov. 1, 2019 informed the nation that the Trump family is moving their private permanent residence from New York City to Florida. It is believed that the reason for the move is because Trump is feeling mistreated by both city and state officials. This seems to be borne out by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reply of “Good Riddance” upon hearing the news of the move.

Sean Doolittle Doesn’t Want to Celebrate Victory with the President

In other news, Washington Nationals Pitcher Sean Doolittle is refusing to celebrate his team’s World Cup win by going to visit Trump. While the pitcher wants to celebrate the win with his team mates, he doesn’t condone some of Trump’s rhetoric and actions, so he refuses to spend time with the man who he feels has no respect for his office.

Possible Impeachment Reports

Of course the big news that is occurring, which has been in the news for quite awhile now, is the possible impeachment of President Trump. Now it seems that things are actually heading forward on that front. In fact, Trump’s son, Donald Jr., made fun of the possible impeachment by dressing up for Halloween in garb for a witch hunt, because Trump has labeled any efforts to impeach him as such. In addition, there were attempts to discredit witnesses who spoke about the Ukraine phone call and their concerns.

While every President has had countless news videos and stories written about them, Trump seems to have more daily news stories and videos regarding his presidency and his family reported than is normal, and most of it is negative. These negative stories are no doubt due to Trump’s rhetoric, nasty and uniformed Tweets, and his belief that he should be untouchable by even those who may have the power to impeach him.

Yet it should be noted that despite all the Trump news today video excerpts and stories showing a list of infractions and behavior unbecoming a president, Trump’s popularity ratings have not gone down, showing the president still has the backing of those who elected him to office.

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