The Status of Mental Health in America Since the Coronavirus

The mental health care system in America has always been burdened with too many patients and not enough health care professionals to adequately handle the load, but now with the coronavirus, the mental health system is struggling to handle the new influx of patients. With the coronavirus still going strong, mental health in America has become a major issue due to anxiety and depression. Here’s why.

Patients Already in the Mental Health System

Patients that were already in the mental health system prior to the CONVID-19 suddenly found themselves without mental health care with stay-at-home orders in place. Group counseling simply has become off limits due to safety concerns for both patients and mental health care professionals. 

For some support groups, video conferencing through Zoom or GoToMeeting are still available, but it’s just not the same. Many therapists and other health care professionals do conduct counseling sessions by phones and by videos. However, these types of sessions do not work for all existing patients, leaving professional health care professionals concerned about the status of mental health in America.

Growing Patient Base

In addition, the status of mental health in America is only growing more concerning as the average person is faced with massive changes in their life. With the average American concerned over job loss, illness, physical isolation, loneliness, the curtailing of normal activities, and financial devastation all play a role in the average person’s ability to deal with day-to-day life.

Some people experience more drastic changes from their “normal” life than others, and the more drastic these changes are, the more apt a person is to be affected mentally by the sudden changes in their life.

Status of Mental Health in America Among Medical Professionals

Although there is little information regarding the mental health of the medical professionals who are on the front lines daily treating patients suffering from the coronavirus, they are affected by the long hours of work, the risk to their own health, the lack of equipment, and the instances of dealing with suffering patients. This is all bound to have an effect on the mental health of many of these professionals.

Maintaining the Status of Your Mental Health in America During the Pandemic

There are some things that individuals can do to maintain their mental health during the pandemic and its aftermath. Here are some things you can do to help maintain your mental health right now.

Stay in touch with friends and family: Feelings of isolation can lead to depression, so keep in touch with friends and family through phone calls, emails, and social networking. Not only will you feel less lonely, but also sharing your experience with others helps prevent those feelings of being alone.

Keep Busy: Sitting around doing little or nothing all day allows you to dwell on the negative. Keeping yourself busy with hobbies, reading, or other activities will help you stay more positive. Get Some Fresh Air and Exercise: Physical exercise (like walking around your neighborhood or being in nature) can do wonders to improve your mental health. Even if the time you can spend outdoors is severely limited, there are a lot of exercises you can do indoors with the window open to ensure that you get fresh air and exercise, which will help reduce stress which can lead to mental health problems.