Signs that Trump May Run Again in 2024

With Donald Trump winning the American presidency in 2016, the American politics was changed forever. In fact the global politics was never the same. Donald Trump ruled the country like no president ever had before him. Some considered him a daring patriot while others considered him bad for the country. Whatever your opinion about Donald Trump you cannot deny the fact that he was one of the most charismatic presidents in the history of the country. 

Donald Trump’s Reign

Donald Trump’s reign was one of the most controversial reigns in the history of American presidency. He was a very polarizing president whose policies gained attracted a lot of followers and also rolled a lot of eyes. There were always protests at his rallies and people openly showed how much they despised his policies and comments. However his reign wasn’t about its good points as well. 

In the election both Joe Biden and Donald Trump got record votes however Donald Trump lost the election. With so many controversies surrounding the election and slow counting process due to the pandemic, there was a lot of confusion. Donald Trump challenged the results in various states and maintained the view that the election was stolen from him. After investigations, the courts rejected his lawsuits and Joe Biden was declared the winner and the new president of the United States.

Before the election Donald Trump hinted at running for president again in 2024. This was again seen when Donald Trump felt that the election was being stolen from him. He and his spokespersons hinted at him running for the presidency once again if Donald Trump loses the election. 


After the election, the former president Donald Trump stayed out of the limelight. In the meantime his supporters and spokespersons hinted once again at another presidential run for Donald Trump in 2024. Recently Donald Trump’s former senior advisor also told the media that Donald Trump may run for the office of POTUS once again in the next elections. 

Now there have been many people who have been saying that the former president may run for the presidency once again and Donald Trump himself has also been seen and heard hinting at it however no one can say it with surety that he will do it. With how determined Donald Trump was to save the election for himself, we can only speculate that the rumors are true. He may already be preparing for the next election. His senior advisor wouldn’t be saying all these things on media if he wasn’t actually planning on doing it. So all signs point towards him actually doing it. 

People can only imagine how things would have changed by 2024 and we can only speculate if he would win or not. However if he wins then his 2nd presidential run may even be more controversial than the first one. We can only wait and see.