Republican Rik Mehta is Running Against Cory Booker for U.S. Senate: What You Need to Know

Rik Mehta is the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey, currently occupied by Democrat Cory Booker. He has vowed to make New Jersey a great place to live and encourages all Republics to get behind him so that together they can, “defeat the socialist agenda pushed by do-nothing Democrats that will bankrupt our state and make it completely unaffordable.”

These are big words from this new and inexperienced candidate, so what do we really know about Rik Mehta?

Rik Mehta was born in the U.S. to parents who emigrated from India before he was born, and he has the distinction of being the first Indian American candidate to stand for Congress. He is a family man, married to wife Reema, and he has three young sons.

According to his publicity machine, Rik Mehta is a biotech entrepreneur, innovator, healthcare policy expert, a licensed pharmacist, and an attorney. He has an impressive CV, including a period working for the FDA as a consumer safety officer and then as deputy division director.

He spent 6 years working as a clinical pharmacist at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, and he is also a professor of law at Georgetown University Law Centre.

In between all of these notable appointments, Rik Mehta is also a business partner in companies including Aquestive Therapeutics. The aim of this company is apparently to “solve therapeutic problems and meaningfully improve people’s lives, ” via “innovative drug delivery technology and scientific expertise to redesign important medicines.” No, we are not quite sure what this means either, but it sounds impressive.

According to his publicity info, Rik Mehta also sits on the board of two privately-held companies – Licentiam, Inc. and Lactiga Therapeutics. The aim of Licentium is to reduce the regulations and paperwork currently enforced on doctors. Lactiga is a company that specialises in developing treatments for rare diseases via immunoglobulin research.

According to Rik Mehta  he is committed to supporting other immigrants like himself, claiming that socialist politicians build their careers off the backs of hard working immigrant families. Coincidentally, he contested his seat with American Hirchid Singh, so it seems that the Indian American community is begging to find their voice in the U.S.

Many people have got behind Rik Mehta and his bid for Congress, but not everyone is convinced. His campaign seems to be running out of money, and he has lost vital campaign members, including campaign treasurer Ron Gravino. According to the local NJ paper, Shore News, Mehta is losing support, because his campaign is already over $300,000 in debt, and it hasn’t really started yet!

Whether or not Rik Mehta will be able to overcome these obstacles, time will only tell. He is obviously a hardworking and multi-talented individual, but claiming that he is the answer to state bankruptcy when his own campaign is heavily in debt does seem a less than convincing reason to vote for him.