Reflecting On The Capitol Riot: What’s Happened Since Jan. 6

We will all remember what happened on January 6th, 2021. The riot broke all barriers and led to one of the largest criminal investigations in the history of America. The FBI views the riot as an act of domestic terrorism.

The riot led to the death of five people, which included a Capitol Police Officer. Ever since then, the government has charged more than four hundred individuals. One police officer suffered the most distress.

Let’s understand his story and what has happened to him since the Capitol riot.

The Assault Of A Police Officer

Not one, but many police officers were assaulted during the riots. However, according to Michael Fanone, a Metropolitan Police Officer in Washington, DC, it was the most savage and brutal combat of his life. He reiterated that he had never experienced something like this in his entire police career, which spanned more than two decades.

During the riot, Fanone suffered a concussion and a heart attack. However, once he started recovering from these, he started experiencing psychological injuries, too, such as PTSD. Fanone emphasized that it is challenging to see individuals downplay the riot and whitewash what happened.

Daniel Rodriguez was recently indicted after the authorities said he attacked Fanone with a weapon. Another indictment was that of Thomas F. Sibick. According to the authorities, he assaulted Fanone by forcibly taking away his radio and badge.

Arrests Since The Capitol Riot

Hundreds of people all over America have been arrested after being connected to the Capitol riot. Daniel Rodriguez and Thomas F. Sibick have been charged with multiple federal counts. These include:

  • Disorderly conduct or violent entry on Capitol grounds
  • Entering a restricted building
  • Assaulting a federal officer with a lethal weapon
  • Obstructing, interfering, or impeding with a law enforcement officer during a civil disorder

Many defendants were also found to have ties with extremist groups. Of course, not all defendants had such ties, but the media tried to sway the story’s direction toward extremist groups. That is the narrative the arrests took, but it changed quickly.

According to a discovery by the New York Times, at least twenty veterans and two current military members have been charged too. Even the Pentagon acknowledged that some people that stormed the Capitol were active duty service members. So, the crowd was mixed, and people from everywhere joined the riot.

Even more than thirty police officers are under investigation for participating in the Capitol riot. The investigation is ongoing, and we will get to know more sooner as the relevant authorities do what they have to do to make arrests and charge people.

Final Words

That is everything that has happened since the Capitol riot on Jan 6th. It was a civil disorder event that will be remembered by many people. As time progresses, we will find out more about the arrests and charges. The authorities did not take this riot lightly, and everyone, even remotely involved, is under investigation.