Opinion Column: The Worst Characteristics of Politics

It is hard to look at U.S. politics today without wondering just what has gone wrong in order to get us to such a low point. It seems as if one crisis follows another and since President Trump’s inauguration in 2016, it doesn’t look likely to get any better soon. One of the worst characteristics of politics is that these days we just can’t trust our leaders to think of the good of the country above their own personal benefits.

We seem to be living in an increasingly divided society; rich and poor, black or white, north or south, Republican or Democrat.  What is needed is a unifying leader to bring all these disparate strands together again. 

What Went Wrong?

President Barack Obama tried it, but once Trump was elected, these ideas of bringing the country together were changed into an idea of making America great again. This sounded unifying but in reality was not backed up with any sort of evidence that any economic improvements could really be sustained over the next decade.

The voters who bought into the myth that Trump would make America great again, didn’t stop to think that maybe his vision of greatness would only benefit his own ends. Most people voted for him in the belief that their individual situation would be improved.

President Robert F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country; “Today this attitude has been replaced by “What’s best for me!”

One of the worst characteristics of politics these days is that politicians lie. It is easy to see that now because Trump is such a proven liar and fantasist, but there is still a tendency to believe what people tell us. It seems incredible that anyone would stand in front of the country and tell lies but this is the usual state of affairs in America today.

The Candidates for the 2020 Presidential Election

In U.S. politics, the two-party system divides Congress and it is this system that has greatly contributed to the problem. The Republicans have their own ideological focus, the Democrats have theirs, and there is no common ground in the centre. 

One would think that with millions of people who live in America, we could have come up with a better choice than Joe Biden or Donald Trump, but one of the worst characteristics of politics is the selection process of the candidates relies on billions of dollars of funding. This is always conducted along party lines, and the end result is that it does seem to throw up bizarre choices.

Really? Joe Biden or Donald Trump are the options to lead what used to be one of the best respected countries in the World?  If these two so-called leaders were not politicians, would we even consider either of them for any powerful position? Neither of them seem fully in charge of their own faculties.

Today one of the worst characteristics of politics is that there seems to be no hope on the horizon. With the looming elections in November, it seems as if the U.S. population is between a rock and a hard place because undoubtedly one of these geriatric clowns will soon have their finger on the nuclear button. The electoral system certainly needs a massive overhaul, because the land of the free just isn’t working any more.