News Recap: Latest Police Shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio

The beginning of the New Year was a busy one for the Cincinnati, Ohio Police Department. January 2020 had barely begun when officers were called to a number of shootings. It all started with the shooting death of a 29 year old man at Bahama Terrace at the same time another man was shot while sitting in his car on Sycamore Street, and 30 minutes later on the same street, two men and a woman were shot. There were also shots fired in other areas of the city as well.

Changes Ahead

Police in Cincinnati responded quickly to all of these shooting incidents thanks to the fairly recently implemented ShotSpotter program that the City of Cincinnati implemented over the summer of 2019. This program alerts police officers whenever there is a shooting on both their cell phones and on their police car computer, making it possible for police to arrive on the scene quickly after a call comes in.

Areas of the city where this program have been implemented have seen faster response times by police whenever a shooting occurs. Residents in the area feel safer knowing that the response to a police shooting in Cincinnati (or any kind of shooting) will be quick, often within a minute of a shooting taking place. This makes residents feel safer knowing that the police will be on the scene offering protection if the shooter is still active.

There are now plans to expand the program to other areas. Once the expansion is complete, the area covered will be extended from the current 6 mile radius to 13 miles.

The City of Cincinnati has been actively working to reduce the amount of gun violence over the last few years. Both 2018 and 2019 saw a decline in gun violence, having the lowest number of shootings in 12 years.

Cincinnati’s Commitment to Ending Gun Violence

The City of Cincinnati and its police are dedicated to ending gun violence. This commitment is shown by the fact the city is willing to spend $70,000 per square mile to implement the ShotSpotter and related programs. While this is a hefty investment already having cost the city $420,000 – with another $490,000 to be invested over the next several months – the police and the city are beginning to see the benefits, as is the public.

It is hoped that the ShotSpotter program, as well as other steps, will make a huge difference in the incidents of shooting violence in the city. One of the things that makes ShotSpotter so effective is that people are encouraged to call in when they hear gunfire.

With ShotSpotter and other programs being implemented, it is the hope that the next police shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio will be weeks or months apart instead of hours or days.