There is the latest news about the 2022 US elections and everything you need to expect.

1. More women and Hispanic Republicans are expected to go for office this year. This is the most ever seen in history for them going to the office. Kevin McCarthy, the leader of House minority and the top house of Republicans strategist has used two elections as a plan to lure an army veteran called John James who is looked upon to take the congressional seat of the Detroit area. The House Republicans have pushed their focus on people like James, a graduate of black west point who later turned businessman, a person who can change the name of the party for their likeness of lots of white men in the party. Most of the Republican that turned to a democratic house district in 2020 was a person of color or a woman, and the party leaders just want success in bringing that image. More Republicans than are women and Hispanics are going for office than ever seen in history, this is according to the national Republican congressional campaign committee who keep in touch with the figures. So presently, there are about 228 persons of color and over 250 women have claimed to be Republican all over the house maps. In most critical seats, almost 12 were opened and in districts, a woman or a person of color is a winning GOP candidate. This is much better than the last election in 2018 when the number of females that ran was just 13 candidates and was only one person of color in the Republican house.

2. Val Alkoosh is backing down from the Senate seat in Pennsylvania, this is a big improvement in the battleground of the state race. The Montgomery County commissioner and physician stated that it is the best option to make the Democrat win the general election, she said that she has to stop her campaign today and stick to doing whatever she can to make sure that the Senate seat is flipped. She has been having some issues with polling and fundraising. She also came to the fourth position in the vote the previous weekend by democratic party members.

3. As women of color are rising in the election race, Val Demings of Florida and also the ex-North Carolina supreme court justice Cheri Beasley are set to enter the history books if their goal is fulfilled in November. Which makes them stand out in their campaign from other campaigns. The two strong women have gotten a lot of respect from their party and have gotten attention from the public for the fact by controlling their campaign even with the many competitions in their primary fields. Before the perceptions worked against black candidates for a long time but for those two women of color to work and reach forward to get to the position that they are now and they are ahead of their game.