How Vice President Kamala Harris Will Impact the Role of Females in Politics

As Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential elections in the U.S., the future of women in politics finally took a head start as Kamala Harris became the new vice president elect.

This historic victory for Kamala Harris came alongside of multiple distinctions for her – including being the first high-level elected female, a Black woman in U.S. politics, and a woman from a South Asian origin. Not only is this achievement a huge milestone for Kamala Harris herself, but it also plays a significant role in the inclusion of women in American politics for now and for the future.

Black Women Representation in the Democratic Party

Black women across the United States have consistently supported the Democratic party and its candidates. Their contribution towards American politics has been significant, but they had never been rewarded by actual representation of black women in the House.

With Kamala Harris being sworn into office as vice president in January 2021, black women will have earned the long-due representation that they deserve. Due to her unique background, Kamala Harris will bring a new perspective to the White House and work towards the creation of policies that support both her gender and her race in the United States. Since black women have suffered with both representation and rights in the past, they are hopeful to see that change as Kamala Harris becomes their representative in office.

The Gender Gap in Elections

Whether people acknowledge it or not, there is a significant gender gap present in the U.S. presidential elections. Although a significant number of women did enter the office through the 2018 elections, most of them had been from the Democratic party only and were not women of color. In fact, there was only one Republican from the 36 women that had been elected.

This year, the gender gap has lessened even further and there is far more diversity present in the U.S. House. Out of the 111 new women members who are set to enter office, 24 of them are from the Republican party. For more information regarding the U.S. presidential election results, you can refer to Poligazette – a reliable source of the latest political news.

The 100th Anniversary of a Woman’s Right to Vote

While the 19th Amendment allowed women to participate in voting approximately a hundred years ago, women like Kamala Harris who were either of color or from a different origin faced exclusion. However, with Kamala Harris now being the newly elected vice president of the U.S., it is finally time for a woman to claim all of her rights in the country – regardless of her race, origin, or color. Kamala Harris becoming the vice president close to the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment is all the more symbolic for the future of the United States.

What Will the Future Bring?

Kamala Harris’ big win does not only represent black women in politics, but also plays an important role in the lives of all women and girls who wish to have equal opportunities in every phase of life. As Kamala Harris becomes vice president, there is a wide array of new horizons that are yet to open for the women of color in U.S.