How to Watch Democratic Debate Issues with Objectivity

All too often when watching political debates, such as on the recent TV show Saturday Night Politics, we are watching the candidate of choice and not really paying attention to the important issues and how each candidate answers questions concerning those issues. This year, why not view the debates more objectively so that you are truly prepared to vote for the best candidate for the job. Here are some tips on how to watch Democratic debate issues with objectivity.

4 Suggestions on How to Watch Democratic Debate Issues with Objectivity

View the Candidates Dispassionately

Try and suspend your personal view of each candidate, as well as everything you have heard, and try to view and listen to the candidates as though you have never heard a single thing about any of them and you are only seeking information based on what issues they deem to be important and why.

Don’t Get Sucked in by Personal Attacks

All too often political foes engage on personal attacks on one another and one another’s character instead of focusing on the issues. Knowing how to watch Democratic debate issues with objectivity, without letting the personal attacks influence your decision, may take a little practice but will be worth the effort since you will get a clearer picture regarding the issues that you face personally and the country in general.

Take Note of Which Candidates Tend to Dissemble or Deflect Questions on Important Issues

When a candidate tends to deflect or dissemble when asked a direct question concerning an important issue, they either haven’t given serious thought or feel that the public won’t like their answer to the question, so they try and avoid giving a direct answer. It is much better to have a candidate admit that they need to look deeper into the issue before they can answer than have them try and bluff their way through the question, leaving you in doubt as to what they believe or if the issue is even on their radar.

Even if you don’t agree with the candidate’s answer, at least you will know where they stand on the issue and can make an informed decision regarding whether or not the candidate is one you want to vote for.

Listen to Which Issues the Candidates Feel are Most Important and Why

When it comes to how to watch Democratic debate issues with objectivity, one of the best ways is to listen carefully to which issues each candidate feels is the most important and why. You also want the candidate to offer a workable solution to solving the issue or at least the steps he or she plans to take to find a solution to solve the problem that the issue covers.

Keep in mind that no matter how likeable a candidate may be, it will be the candidate’s ability to clearly identify important issues, prioritize them, and find solutions that should be the most important in deciding which candidate gets your vote. You can only do this by learning how to listen the Democratic debates as objectively as possible and then spend some time researching the issues and why these issues are important.

Do you feel like you know how to watch Democratic debate issues with objectivity now that you’ve read this article? Share your thoughts with us below!