How to Get a Mike Bloomberg Internship 2020

If you have an interest in politics and admire Mike Bloomberg and want to become a political intern on his 2020 campaign, then you are going to have to put yourself out there and really go for it.

The first step in getting a Bloomberg internship 2020 is to really put yourself out there. Email the campaign manager and tell them how much you admire Mike Bloomberg and how much you are willing to work hard to help get him elected. Include a resume with your email so the manager will gain insight into your skills.

Be prepared to interview for the internship. Many times interns are unpaid so make sure that you have the financial means to support yourself should the position not be paid one. During the interview, make it clear the number of hours you can put into working on the campaign each week.

If you want a Bloomberg internship 2020, then let it be known that you are willing to take on all kinds of different tasks. There is nothing glamorous about being a political intern. You may spend days making calls, or sending emails. May be asked to stuff envelopes, place signs in yards, or even make coffee for the entire campaign team.

Whatever the task you need to be willing to take it on to show that you are committed to doing anything that needs to be done.

What To Do if You Get the Internship

If you are one of the lucky few and do manage to get a Bloomberg internship (2020), then be prepared to work hard and to make yourself a valuable part of the team.

  • Dress the part: Remember you are representing a political candidate, so you need to dress the part and look professional at all times. Take a cue on what to wear by other members of the campaign are wearing.
  • Take the time to listen and learn: There is a lot you can learn when you are part of a campaign team, even if your part is a small one. As you prove yourself, you are likely to be given more and more responsibility. It is all right to ask questions about assignments to get the clarity you need to complete a task the way it needs to be completed.
  • Earn the trust of those around you: Working on a political campaign, you need to be trustworthy and earn the trust of the people around you. Don’t talk about the campaign with your friends or even family members, and don’t post anything about your internship on social media. Even if your comments are perfectly innocent, it is easy for your words to be misconstrued, so it is best to avoid posting anything on social media.
  • Get to Know the Important Players: If you want to build a career in politics, then you are going to want to make a real effort to get to know all important players on the campaign. This will help you begin to build a network for the future.

While the chances of getting a Bloomberg internship 2020 may be slim, it is worth making the effort if you really want to work to support your candidate.