How the Coronavirus Has Impacted How People Vote

Coronavirus has completely changed the way we used to do things traditionally. You might have heard the term “new normal.” This can be seen in all aspects of life, including politics. As coronavirus has forced people to perform social distancing, it has become almost impossible to carry out activities like the national U.S. presidential election. You don’t want hundreds of people standing in line waiting for their turn to vote. It will only end up in increasing coronavirus cases.

The U.S. has suffered the most when it comes to losing lives to the pandemic. So the last thing the American government needs is an increase in coronavirus cases. The American election is underway, and there is a need for unique alternatives to the traditional voting system.

The pandemic has greatly affected the way this election will be held. There have been talks about different ways as an alternative to the traditional voting system. Coronavirus will not just affect the way people vote in the U.S., but also other countries as well. So other countries that have elections coming up after the U.S. can also study and learn from the implementation of alternative voting practices.

What Is the Most Effective Alternative to the Traditional Voting System?

Different politicians have been suggesting different ways to carry out the elections this year. However one of the most prominent options is that of absentee balloting. Absentee balloting can relate to several different ways of casting the vote. Some of these practices are already being practiced in the U.S.  

In the 2020 U.S. presidential election, it is expected that the absentee balloting will reach a record high. This is due to the fact that people are practicing social distancing, and no one wants to go out and vote with hundreds of people around them.

What Exactly is Absentee Balloting?

An absentee balloting is the practice of casting a vote when you are unable to visit your allocated polling station. An absentee ballot may include the following ways of casting your vote;

· Online Vote Casting (Casting your vote online)

· Proxy Vote Casting (Delegating your voting powers to someone else who can vote in your place)

· Postal Voting (Voting by mail or postal service)

· Early Voting

Early voting may or may not be a part of absentee balloting as early voting can be done in both ways (i.e., at a polling station and through absentee balloting). If you are looking to opt for early voting, then it can be carried out via postal service or you can visit designated pre-election polling stations. 

This year, it is speculated that most people in the U.S. will opt for early voting or postal voting. This also seems like the more sensible thing to do considering the deadly pandemic. Even though absentee balloting is the more sensible and easier thing to do in the current year, some people may miss the feeling they experienced in the traditional elections.

So whoever wins the election, will have to work even harder to control the current pandemic and prevent any similar future pandemic, so that the world can return to normal and the conventional ways of doing things can resume.