How President Trump Handled Contracting COVID-19

After the world learned that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania became positive to COVID-19, the news became so public that all news channels were talking about it. 

It was just about a month from when American citizens cast their votes to race for who’ll be in the White House. This was a seismic development.

World leaders were really quick to send good wishes to Trump. Narendra Modi was one of the first to send his good wishes. The prime minister of Israel Netanyahu Benjamin tweeted and wished them a speedy and full recovery.

Putin from Russia sent a telegraph message stating that optimism and good spirits that would help one survive with this horrible virus.

What was the Risk of COVID-19 to the President’s Health? 

International media was accompanied by lots of criticism on what was said to be the response of Trump to news of him carrying this virus. He was openly skeptical about it and he didn’t want to become socially distant or to wear face masks.

German media was not surprised by what was happening. On a good day, Trump doesn’t wear face masks publicly. That’s what Die Welt wrote. The centrist Allgemeine Frankfurter Zeitung stated that this pandemic didn’t deter him from creating lots of election appearances necessary for his campaign. 

The media from France were sentimental about what happened to the president of the U.S. They stated that Trump underestimated the virus. After long months of handling the pandemic catastrophically in the U.S. and after he lied and sent messages which were contradictory to his supporters, the president later became positive for the virus. This is what Libération wrote. 

Iran’s English language facing international television channel stated that Trump had been a little bit cavalier about the COVID-19 threat. He also added that it would just take some time before the U.S. president would get the virus.

One of the anchors from the Iranian state TV broke the news, and they showed an image that didn’t flatter the United States president. He became surrounded by what looked like huge versions of coronaviruses. This was from the Associated Press reports.

In other places, several questions were asked about what the news stated and what this would mean for the president to have the virus. The India website media asked what would happen to his campaign if he went to quarantine? Would this make his campaign standstill or would it continue?

What Trump Had to Say about Contracting COVID-19

We all know President Donald Trump. He doesn’t like a lot of stress. He continued living his life, and anyone who had anything to say to him should bring it to his face. That was simply it. 

Since contracting COVID-19, Trump and Melania have since recovered from the illness and are now focused on court battles in regards to recounting electoral votes for the presidency.