How Politics Has Impacted The Sports Community

As the world has been recovering from COVID-19, every industry has been disrupted badly by its affects. We can safely say that in the coming times the aftermath of the worldwide pandemic would be seen.

Societal development has largely taken turn. With changes in the cultural norm, society, and protection of citizens we the sport lovers are left with many queries in our head. How will all of these changes shape the sports community now? What to expect from our most favorite sports, how can these scenarios have toll on the sports industry. For many of us sports is like a touchstone with our culture rooted in it. It is a sanctuary for many of u and we look up to it for comfort and love.

The thought which makes us all ponder is whether sports will looked at as the same way it was previously away from the entire societal crisis. For ages sports have served us as a platform for human development, competency and potential will it stay the same? Sports have been given a considerable amount of attention since the olden days till now. It has however, not been able to completely reflect and mirror our society. Nevertheless, it became an essential component supporting in the functionality of the society we live in. the sports ground is nothing but a battleground for every societal or political issue past. People do not care about the subjective causes; they do not care about someone’s race, religious background, their sexuality or patriotism. The world that sports have created is so powerful in all the different aspects that it makes it evident hashing out because of the opposing views one has.

The progressiveness of the society has posed a question mark on this field. There are multiple societies passing out law to protect the biological women’s right against that of L.G.B.T.Q community. With further progression of the society we can assume that even though these laws might deem as unnecessary but we cannot ignore the affect it has on the sports as a whole.

With sports becoming a touchy subject for us sentimental beings, it is legitimate that we cannot see people fight over anything the way they do over sports. One cannot find people fighting over movies or even music.

With us stuck indoors because of COVID social media community has tremendously gown. Many sportsmen had to face hard time to over up their harsh words or tweets stirring the age old controversies of white versus black. Such incidents became the headlines for many news and social media pages bashing these people.

Previously nothing of such sort would have gained so much popularity if it were not for the social media. When we lived in a world which had different expectations and was less connected such issues were never raised.

As we all now know that every single action will cause reaction our sportsmen have o be extremely vigilant in what values they own, what they represent and what they stand for.