How Crime Changed Since the Pandemic

The pandemic left behind a world that is drastically different than the one we once knew. One of the most noticeable changes to society has been an increase in crime rates. The pandemic was not only devastating for those who lost their lives, but it also changed what our societies looked like and how they functioned. In this blog post, we will discuss how the pandemic led to a drastic change in crime rates and why.

The Murder Rate Has Increased 

The reason crime rates and murder rates have increased is because there are simply more people in the world. With a large number of individuals who need food, shelter, jobs, etc., it should come to no surprise that some will resort to criminal activity such as theft or violence in order to get what they want. The pandemic left behind an unstable society where people feel like they must take matters into their own hands. Violent crimes such as homicides and assaults were much less common before the pandemic took place while burglaries and thefts occurred with greater frequency than we see today. 

People Were Fired From Their Jobs

With so many people getting fired from their jobs, the rise in crime was bound to happen. People had no money to feed their family so they resorted to activities like theft and robbery. This is one of the reasons why property crimes have increased so much since the pandemic. People need to survive and they will do whatever it takes in order to succeed even if that means committing illegal acts such as theft or burglary.

Some Crime Have Gone Down But Overall the Situation Has Gotten Worse

The crime rate has been steadily increasing since the pandemic and it doesn’t seem as if there is any way to slow down this epidemic. While some crimes have decreased over time, others such as homicides and drug abuse continue to rise at a rapid pace. If we don’t learn from our mistakes then who will? It’s important that we try to understand why people do what they do in order for society not to go into chaos once again.

The Border Crisis and Illegal Immigrants Are Also One of the Reasons for Increase in Crime Rate

Since the pandemic, there has been an influx of illegal immigrants who have come into America from the southern border. With so many people desperate for jobs, some will resort to doing whatever it takes in order to survive. It should come as no surprise that crimes such as drug trafficking and prostitution have increased since the pandemic because these are criminal activities that rely on human interaction.

Crimes against Asian Community Due To the Pandemic

As the source of the Coronavirus pandemic was Wuhan, China, many people who lost their loved ones due to the pandemic started encouraging hate crimes against the Asian community. An increase in crimes against the Asian community has been seen in many parts of the world including the United States of America.