Highlights Of President Biden’s New American Families Plan

The American Families Plan is President Biden’s attempt to strengthen the nation so it can be on the road to recovery. The Families Plan is paired with the American Jobs Plan, which will improve the schools, railways, bridges, roads, and much more. All of this is to be done by hiking corporate taxes.

Here are all the highlights you need to know about President Biden’s New American Families Plan.

1. Community College To Be Free

President Biden is proposing to make two years of community college free with a $109 billion plan. When the program is fully implemented, the federal government will be set to recover seventy-five percent of the average tuition cost in every state. The state will pick up the rest of the average tuition cost.

The plan also includes that the states will be expected to maintain their contributions to the higher education system. It also aims to subsidize tuition for students that belong to families earning less than $125,000.

2. Affordable Child Care

The American Families Plan also entails that low and middle-income families should pay no more than seven percent of their income on child care for kids younger than five years old. The plan is also aimed towards investing in the childcare workforce. That is because it plans to bring the childcare workforce wages to at least fifteen dollars an hour.

That is a three-dollar increase from the hourly wage rate of $12.24 the childcare workforce had in 2020. Doing so will reduce the burden on parents and help people earn a fair amount that takes care of children daily.

3. Paid Family And Sick Leave

Another part of the plan is to provide employees with twelve weeks of paid family, sick, and parental leave. Anyone that wants to take care of their child, loved one, or heal from their emotional wounds can take advantage of this. Before the pandemic, almost thirty million private-sector workers did not have paid sick leave.

The sick leave in Biden’s plan is for all workers. These include part-time workers, full-time workers, self-employed workers, and much more. It is part of their aim to provide universal paid leave to employees.

4. Nutrition Assistance For Children

President Biden plans to invest twenty-five billion dollars to make the Pandemic-EBT available to twenty-nine million children receiving reduced-price and free meals. That is because children from low-income families could not receive meals in schools because of the effect of the pandemic on work.

Biden aims to extend the free meal program for children living in districts with the highest poverty rates. It will allow at least more than nine million more children to qualify for the program.

Final Words

These are the top four highlights of the American Families Plan you should know about. The plan is extensive, and there are many more points included in it that will strengthen the nation in the coming decade. Of course, only time will tell how effective this plan will turn out to be.