Gruhn Guitars Celebrating 50 Years in 2020

Music never gets old, but the instruments used to produce those beautiful sounds may become vintage. Though still highly debated across many facets of the globe, many guitarists believe that the best sounds are produced by old instruments that have lived through time to become vintage.

This is particularly common with acoustic guitars, as the sound is produced through the strings’ reverberation on dry wood. While some people may stumble on their grandparents’ guitars; tucked away in their basement, some of us aren’t that lucky. Vintage guitars are not that easy to find, and unless you know the right places to look, you may search and search without finding a vintage guitar for your effort.

When it comes to vintage guitars, the story begins and ends with George Gruhn.

Gruhn Guitars is an experienced guitar repair shop that specializes in the restoration and sale of vintage guitars. His business, Gruhn Guitars, is about to celebrate 50 years of business in Nashville, TN. With 50 years of retail experience, this guitar store has everything you need in vintage instruments.

The store was founded by George Gruhn, an experienced guitarist with an uncanny ability for recognizing sounds. In many ways, George created the vintage guitar industry. George’s store strives to be the bridge that connects the phasing age of music, also known as the golden age, and contemporary music. This goal is achieved through the extensive collection of guitars it provides for musicians and serious guitar players. Guitar players from around the world visit his shop to find truly one-of-a-kind vintage guitars that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world.

George is also a master at repairing the best vintage guitars in the world. His world-class shop has the top engineers in the field who handle the most valuable guitars that have stood the test of time.

Vintage guitars are all about age and originality, and Gruhn Guitars provides accurate representations of both. Besides, all instruments sold by the store, vintage or not, are authenticated and valued by the most advanced guitar experts.

Gruhn guitars offer vintage instruments that have been strategically restored and tuned for optimal playing order. As a result, all vintage guitars purchased from their store are accurately represented in age, condition, and originality.

Simply put, if you want a guitar that has history and originality on its side, Gruhn Guitars is the place to find it. Located in Nashville, just a stones throw from Broadway, thousands of guitar enthusiasts visit his shop every year. If you’re in Nashville, make visiting Gruhn Guitars a priority.