FDA Recommends Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Under 12

The Food and Drug Administration has recently recommended the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children under 12. One thing to keep in mind is that the vaccine is meant to protect against the coronavirus. It does not kill the infection altogether but gives their body enough immunity that they can strongly fight against the virus. 

With the research and experimentation on the coronavirus vaccinations, it was found that all vaccinations currently approved by the WHO may give a boost to your immunity but they also effect differently when it comes to people from different age groups. For example some vaccinations can theoretically improve your immunity by 90% while other can only boost it by 65%. This is why different doses have been advised by different medical companies. For example the manufacturers of the Chinese vaccination SinoVac have said that the people who have got the vaccination may have to get a third doze to experience the full potential of the vaccination however it is still understudy. 

When the vaccination were rolled out, people started to show some side effects which was a concern for a lot of parents and many parents opted not to get their children vaccinated. In some countries. The governments took a lot of time to allow vaccinations for the people from younger age groups. Major part of younger population all over the world are yet to be vaccinated for the coronavirus. This was a big concern in America as well where trend to enjoy freedom of expression. There are people who do not want to get their kids vaccinated at all and these cases of side effects have made them more concerned about the situation. This has also become a concern for parents who wanted to get their children vaccinated but are scared.

However now there has been a breakthrough. After researching and performing trials on around 3000 kids, FDA has now approved Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccination for kids aged 5 to 11. It is still going to be a concern for the parents and many parents will wait till other people come out with their stories and experience about the vaccination. The pandemic has completely changed the world, and everyone wants it gone as soon as possible. So we can only think positive about this breakthrough. The world can only hope that the results are good for everyone. 

The FDA has however encouraged the parents to make the decision. There are side effects to the vaccinations and some people may feel them. So it is up to the parents to analyze the benefits of the Pfizer vaccination against the risks associated with it. We are sure that the parents will make the right decision for themselves, their children and the rest of the world. The research is still being done and there are high hopes that in the near future the FDA will approve some more vaccinations for children.