Donald Trump’s Team Launches New Social Media Platform

Many people criticize Donald Trump for his straight forward and direct language. However it wasn’t his presidency that caused it. Donald Trump always had an outspoken personality even before his presidency. He has been one of the most controversial presidents in the history of the United States. As always, the American news channels remained divided between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Channels like Fox News gave Trump a lot of coverage and then there were channels like CNN that tilted more towards the Democratic Party. However one thing about these channels was that they were not controlled by him. 

Donald Trump wanted to get his word out as a serious candidate and what better way to do it than through social media. No one can deny the power of social media and Trump knew it. This is why he started using posting regularly on Twitter. His tweets weren’t just limited to national security or other presidential stuff. He tweeted about almost everything. This flurry of tweets was something new to keep track of and many people were left wondering what he’ll tweet next. Unfortunately his outspoken nature got to him when he got banned from Twitter for his controversial remarks. Many people reported his twitter handle for rude and hateful tweets and for other similar reasons. However Trump bounced back with a new account which was also blocked by Twitter. His social media was the only place where he could say what he wanted to say without any filter. Now that he was being banned from different social media sites, he had to think of ways to connect with his followers and keep reaching millions and millions of people through the internet. He wanted to voice his unfiltered opinions and these big and popular social media sites were looking like a favorable place for him anymore. This is why Donald Trump’s team came up with the idea of GETTR.

Different people from Trump administration have been involved in the project. Jason Miller, Trump’s former spokesperson is leading the project. Other people from the Trump administration are also working on the project. After being banned from Twitter and Facebook and then unsuccessfully started a blog, Trump needed a platform where he could engage with his followers and it is speculated that GETTR is going to be that platform. The idea behind GETTR is to give people a voice who are being silenced by large tech companies that are influenced by political affiliations. GETTR seems to be very promising to Donald Trump and his followers. It will give him an exclusive platform to voice his opinions.