Does Your State Qualify for Absentee Voting?

You need to check with your state to know the changes to the rules of the election before you would know for sure. As a result of the COVID Pandemic, it isn’t easy or that simple to know every rule that has been put into place by each state.

What is Absentee Voting?

Mail-in voting, also known as Absentee Voting, refers to putting the ballot in the mail days before the actual election begins. States that have a mail-in voting ballot will let all voters know of all conditions. These voters will have to return the ballot by either mail or in person. Some states will let voters get an application for an absentee ballot by themselves before the day of the election and then they can vote using the same ballot that day.

Absentee Ballot Rules

Overseas and Military voters should go to the Overseas Vote Foundation.’s information should be used only by people who would like to vote that also have US addresses for their mail.


In this case, voters would have to provide a serious reason for why they wouldn’t vote on the day of the election. This is necessary for them to vote using an absentee ballot.

No Excuse

For this situation, any voter can vote using an absentee ballot. Even if they can vote in person, it is allowed.

Mail-in Only

Voters in these parts of the country need to obtain an absentee ballot if they want their ballot to get to another address.

What you need to do is to select your state and then learn about the rules for absentee voting in your state.

These states are a lot, so this article would be talking about a few of them to let you understand the process.

Alabama Ballot Rules for Absentees

You should get a copy of your identity card with this form. Then check your Voter ID pages of law for a list of acceptable forms of identity.

You can’t mail an absentee ballot application in the same envelope as that of another voter’s absentee application.

Information as a Result of COVID-19

From the guidance given to the AL Secretary of the state, any resident of Alabama that is concerned about COVID 19 can apply for an absentee ballot which can be used for the general election that is coming up.

You can vote by absentee ballot in the state of Alabama if you cannot be in the country on the day of the Election.

If you are not doing well physically or you have a physical disability which stops you from visiting the polling place, you can vote by absentee ballot. This includes concerns about the spreading of COVID-19.

If you are an Alabama Voter that doesn’t live in the country, you can vote by absentee ballot. You can be employed outside of the United States, be a member of the armed forces, or have similar issues.

As was stated earlier, these are simply the rules of the state of Alabama. Different states in the US have different rules.