Current Status of 2020 US Presidential Election Polls

With the Presidential election set for later this year, U.S. presidential election polls have already begun tracking the race to the White House. Currently, many of the polls are aimed at determining who will be the Democratic candidate who will run against the current President Donald Trump in November. While it is still early to predict who will win the Democratic nomination, many Democratic voters are watching the U.S. presidential polls closely to see who may have the best chance of not only winning the nomination, but winning against Trump.

At first, a rather large pool of Democratic candidates leading in the US presidential election polls were Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and others. However, with the actual election still months away there was still time for a dark horse to emerge before the Democratic candidate is chosen. That was Mike Bloomberg, who has since bowed out of running for president.

With Super Tuesday taking place on March 3, 2020, chances are good that the leading Democratic candidate could undergo drastic changes before November, since Sanders and Biden are the two candidates left standing.

What the Polls Say About the Democrats’ Chances Against Trump

What is also interesting is that recent polls actually show that the Democrats may have a chance of winning the election against Trump although, this is certainly not set in stone since many different polls show that the numbers are close and are fluctuating almost hourly.

If the Democrats are looking to the U.S. presidential polls for hope that you will win the upcoming election, that hope can only be faint.

Here once again, Super Tuesday gave the Democrats and the nation a more realistic look at just how much of an uphill battle the Democrats will have if they hope to gain the White House.

What Do These Early Polls Tell Us

The truth is that these early polls don’t tell us a lot about who can or will eventually win the election. What they do accomplish, however, is putting candidates’ names in front of the public, giving the public more time to do a bit of research and find out what each of the candidates really stand for. It also gives the public some idea of who to watch for carefully during the debates, so they can learn as much as possible before the primaries.

Reading the Polls

Even experts in reading the U.S. presidential polls will tell you that these early election polls are not likely to be consistently accurate and are not to be trusted to give you any real information regarding how the November elections will turn out. The most interesting thing regarding these polls is the ability to watch the numbers change over the next few months.

Keep in mind that basing your opinions on these early polls has the potential to cause you to jump to the wrong conclusions and may actually affect your ability to listen to other potential candidates that may end up winning the nomination.

So by all means, continue to check current U.S. presidential election polls, but be prepared to keep an open mind while doing so.