Current Approval Rating for President Trump and His Chances of Winning the 2020 Presidential Election

If we look at the prediction for these upcoming U.S. presidential elections in November, there is no doubt that these elections will be making a major U-turn. Numerous prediction polls are coming to the result that Joe Biden might be leading and probably the one to win this election. The prediction polls contribute a major role in reflecting how popular a presidential candidate is at the moment.

Why Americans Have a Change of Mind

There can be numerous reasons why people of America have a change of mind. The recent pandemic conditions were an absolute result of it. The job rate has been decreased to around 11 percent. Around 140,000 people have died from coronavirus due to the uplifting of lockdown in America. The citizens believe that the conditions are not better than the Obama presidential administration but are somewhat worse.

Current Approval Rating for President Trump

Talking about the current approval rating for President Donald Trump is likely to be less than Joe Biden. However, some of the people are still approving of President Trump and believe that he could bring betterment and more employment conditions in the country. His approval rating has been slowly climbing up. On the other hand, his disapproval rating has also been decreased irrespective of not shutting down the country in pandemic conditions.

If we consider President Trump’s disapproval rating, it has been calculated around 55 percent on average. However, it has dropped to 53.9 percent in the past month. Although the forecasters and the poll says that his disapproval rating is still high. But also his approval rating is now gradually rising. Talking about his competitor Biden has outnumbered Trump around an estimate of 9 percent. Several forecasters are presenting their points of view. And they have reached the conclusion that Biden has a chance of winning at around 88 percent.

President Trump’s Chances of Winning the Election

At the moment, Trump has likely not the chance to win this year’s presidential election, but he has adequate Republican supporters to vouch for him. The battleground looks to be in favor of Democrat Joe Biden, but it takes a second to turn the results around. According to the poll, it states that Biden has favorable conditions in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In addition to this, the latest incident of the coronavirus has put a great impact on the minds of the voters. It has been observed that Trump’s decision for not shutting down the country was supported by around 55 percent of the individuals.

However, for the past two months, Trump’s supporters are questioning their decisions. They believe that Trump’s decisions might make the country worse than better.

However, there is plenty of time left that can change polls in a blink of an eye. The odds are in favor of Biden, but we never know how fast things can turn around. The voters’ decision this year is not the same as previous years due to the incidents that happened earlier in 2020. People are having a change of heart, and they are leaning towards a candidate who can save their country rather than who is their favorite.