College Immunization Requirements Since COVID

While the stakes might not be as high for college students as they are for the elderly and those in between, colleges could now be setting college immunization requirements in the near future. 

The Dickinson State University 

This university in North Dakota while hasn’t made vaccination mandatory, is taking steps to encourage students to opt for the vaccine by giving them an accessory, such as a bracelet or pin that excuses them from the mask mandate set over the campus. This incentive of course functions on a voluntary basis.

Rutgers University 

This university in New Jersey announced that its student body set to attend on-campus classes in the upcoming fall semester is required to be vaccinated. However, students will be given exemptions for medical or religious purposes. Those students who will be studying on a remote basis will not be required to be vaccinated. While this university could be the first to take such a set, it not unlikely that other universities will follow in pursuit. 

Other Universities Across America 

Other universities as reported by NBC News still don’t have clear requirements set for college immunization. Universities, such as the University of Michigan, Chapel Hill, and North Carolina have not set vaccination as a requirement. However, that is not to say that Universities all across the united states will not be encouraging vaccinations.

Vaccination Hesitation 

So, why is it that colleges might be opting for such drastic measures of mandating vaccinations? Well, part of it could be attributed to the vaccine hesitance that seems to exist within young adults. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, older people are more likely to be vaccinated than younger adults. So, while young adults may not be susceptible to extreme cases of the disease and the death rate might be lower, they can develop a mild form of the illness where the symptoms could linger and eventually, significantly hamper the overall health of the person. In the words of Rasmussen, COVID-19’s only outcome isn’t death. The disease and its new variants can lead to abhorrent outcomes, the effects of which can be ever-lasting. This is why it is vital to protect yourself and despite having no pre-existing health condition should still opt for vaccination. 

Are College Immunization Requirements Okay To Be Mandated? 

The easiest way to answer this question is to look at other vaccination requirements at colleges. Colleges require their students to be immunized against rubella, hepatitis B, measles, meningitis, mumps, and more. In accordance with these college immunization requirements that apply for other vaccinations, it is not surprising that colleges are now extending that list due to COVID. 

There is no doubt that college immunization requirements will help in mitigating the disease from spreading, particularly when it comes to the mutations of the disease and new variants. Not only that but it will also help bring the education system and environment back to how it was and one where the students can begin to thrive again.