America’s Vaccination Gap Is Looking More and More like The Political Divide in the U.S.

The citizens of United States of America have always taken pride in being a country that is divided in many different things yet united when the country needs it. However the last few years have been different. The divide has turned into some more aggressive and violent. There have been riots and protests all over the country especially after Donald Trump starting his campaign up until the end of his term. The country has never been this divided as it has been in the last few years. Donald Trump was a controversial president and when his term ended, political analysts thought that the country would move towards stability however the division in still very much prominent in the American politics in the Biden Administration.

Republicans vs. Democrats, Conservatives vs. Liberals, Pro Life vs. Pro Choice and Pro Vaccination vs. Anti-Vaccination are some of the divisions America is currently going through. The division between Pro Vaccination and Anti Vaccination has taken a new turn after COVID-19 Vaccination was introduced in the market.

Response to COVID-19 Vaccination

After the pandemic hit the world, pharmaceutical companies all over the world got into a race for developing the vaccination for the coronavirus. With the amount of people losing their lives, it was the need of time for these companies to develop a vaccine in record time.  After months of trials and testing, different COVID vaccinations were introduced in the market. Some weren’t even fully tried yet however judging by the quick need of the vaccination, governments all over the world became slightly lenient in approving vaccinations.

The coronavirus vaccination not only divided people in Pro Vaccination and Anti Vaccination groups. It also confused many pro vaccination people. With so many different rumors spreading, many of the pro vaccination people started to doubt the positive effects of the COVID vaccination. Some of the rumors included that rich people are planting chips inside human beings through vaccination injections, the vaccination is making people impotent, and everyone who is getting vaccinated for COVID will die in the next two years and many other ridiculous rumors. This has made people skeptical and many pro vaxxers have also opted to stay away from getting vaccination. In addition to these rumors, some vaccinations have also shown side effects which has also been a point of concern for many.

In order to achieve herd immunity, it is important for majority of the population to be vaccinated. In America, where you see a large divide between conservatives and liberals, you are also seeing a gap between the vaccination rates between different states. Some states are working tirelessly on getting all their residents vaccinated while others aren’t taking it as seriously as they should. This is effecting the overall rate of vaccinated people in the country. States that are lagging behind in vaccination need to pick up speed as people living in these states are most vulnerable to getting and spreading the coronavirus.