Accomplishments Of Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris the first African-American to become the vice president of the U.S has studied from Howard University from where she did her B.A in Economics, she then pursued for a law degree from the Hastings College.

Accomplishments and Facts About Kamala Harris

First South Asian African To hold Office

Kamala Harris was born in America her father was an African while her mother belonged to India. Her roots belonged to two completely different places but her courage and strength is seen and recognized all over the world. During her first speech as the Vice President she claimed that she is the first Asian African to reach to that position but definitely she is not the last one. According to her America is the land of possibilities and every girl can dream, the ones who will be daring enough to make those come true will be recognized across the world far and wide.

First For Many More Accomplishments

She was not only the first Asian African woman to hold office but she was also the first Asian African woman district attorney in San Francisco. She was the first woman to hold office in CA, and later on became the attorney general of the state.

A Young Activist

Kamala Harris was seen chanting “fee-Dom” where she joined a protest which was going on. Back then she was just little bay in her stroller accompanied by her parents. She later on in her early teens led a demonstrated protest in front of her building alongside of her sister for not letting children play in the lawn. Since a very young age she was taught to be vocal and expressive about her right and learnt to fight for it.

She Is A Writer

So far the Vice President has successful written three books during the curse of her career. The books include the following: “Smart On Crime” majorly focusing on justice and criminals reforms, “The Truths We Hold; An American Dream” where she highlighted the importance of fighting for the right ideals of the country, and “Superheroes Are Everywhere” in which she explained that heroes always stand up for what they believe in and what is right.

Kamala Harris has been a motivation for the entire femininity with big dreams, she is an incredible daughter, a great wife, a good Mamola (mom o her step children), powerful woman who stands for her rights and fights for the rights of others. Along with all this she is the elected vice president of America. With hopes high in the sky we wish her luck, prosperity and more power. We hope that she continues the work and in the days to come we find more wonder woman like her deceiving the societal norms and becoming extra ordinary. She advocates for standing p for the right under all circumstances. With such progressions in our society we can proudly say that the era to come will be recognizing more such powerful women.