scientific american thinks you are stupid the dissection of a blatant propaganda piece for global warming alarmism

Scientific American thinks you are stupid. The dissection of a blatant propaganda piece for global warming alarmism.

December 8th, 2009 | By: CFN


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As is often reported by this blog, my blog, our friends and NewsReel, HotAir and Fox News, the elite media has become advocacy journalism that bucks ethical standards whenever it suits them. In this installment of how attitude change propaganda works, I bring you this article from Scientific American Magazine, which presents itself as not only true journalism, but an academically sound journal of American science. The article I dissect at the link below is neither and is so shoddy as to rival NBC for its abandonment of journalistic ethics.

What is attitude change propaganda? Attitude change propaganda is the most modern and common form of propaganda and is practiced regularly by the elite media culture. It takes place when the media presents you with half truths and strategic gaps in the information provided. The information that is provided is presented with an attitude, or particular tone that is designed to create a false narrative in the reader’s mind that is directionally different from the facts in context. Since the false narrative is usually implied or leads the readers there through suggestion and gaps in key information, it is easier to deny when called out on it. Attitude change propaganda technique is particularly effective against the well educated as it “sounds so reasonable”.

I dissect the meat of the Scientific American article piece by piece so it is a tad too long to post here. I encourage Poligazette readers to follow this LINK and read carefully. You will find it most illuminating.

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  1. Richard

    December 8th, 2009 at 03:00

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    I have been a reader and subscriber to Scientific American for years and have noticed that they have moved from reporting to advocacy. My subscription will not be renewed.

  2. Tully

    December 8th, 2009 at 23:15

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    Nice fisking of the “Scientifictive American” piece.

  3. Doomed

    December 9th, 2009 at 03:22

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    I watched CBS evening news this evening.

    They did a piece on Greenland.

    They used the same attitude reporting.

    The guy spends 3 minutes talking about how global warming is real, not in dispute and that we should all be prepared to die unless something is done.

    then he spends 1 minute talking about how Greenland is prospering under the receding glaciers and revealing dry land upon which the nation can acutally build stuff.

    Attitude journalism is everywhere now and unfortunately for the common man there is no longer facts…there is only OUR FACTS.

    We will tell you what to believe.

  4. Doomed

    December 9th, 2009 at 04:16

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    The Washington Post reported yesterday that Petrobas is the largest single holding in George Soros’s investment fund.

    Anyone ever wonder why we dont allow offshore drilling?

    Su Wei, a senior Chinese climate official at UN climate talks in Copenhagen, said the targets broadly fell short of the emissions cuts recommended by a UN panel of scientists. The panel has said cuts of 25 to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 were needed to avoid the worst of global warming

    Anyone wonder why the Developing nation of China would DEMAND huge cuts from the Industrialized nations in co2 emmissions?

    He said a US offer, equal to 3 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, “cannot be regarded as remarkable or notable.” And the EU cut of 20 percent was also not enough and Japan was setting impossible conditions on its offer of a 25 percent cut by 2020.

    So fast forward to the Brazil delegation.

    Brazil’s climate change ambassador said his country did not want to sign up for a long-term goal of halving global emissions by 2050 unless rich nations took on firm shorter-term targets(see the 2020 demand by the Chinese above) — which the Danish hosts view as a core outcome for the talks.

    So here we have in a nutshell the chess match going on. Developing nations such as Brazil which has one of the largest locks on offshore drilling in the world with its state owned Petrobas oil company which is heavily invested by George Soros is demanding that the USA committ to short term major cuts in order for her to be willing to engage in long term cuts of her own.

    In essence….Stop offshore drilling. So that Brazil can continue her dominance in that field and behind closed doors we all know what a great power broker George Soros is for the democrats.

    Anyone want to bet that nearly every democrat in congress holds a rather large personal stake in Petrobas?

    And now we know whose really running the AGW agenda in America. I wonder how much money Michael Mann has gotten from George Soros and Petrobas.

  5. Doomed

    December 11th, 2009 at 17:05

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    Another in one of Doom’s “we report, you decide” categories.

    I have indicated that the president of the United States is trying to indirectly destroy the coal industry in America. It is the only serious way that the USA can reach any sort of possible ability to actually reduce CO2 emissions in the near future. As stated above the Stockholm conference wants it met by 2020 before any of the other suspect countries are willing to sign on to any long term commitments.

    WASHINGTON — Senators trying to craft bipartisan climate legislation offered a revised proposal Thursday that would add incentives for building nuclear power plants and open the way for expanded oil and gas drilling off the nation’s coastlines in hopes of attracting wider support.

    Seriously? Does anyone really believe that NUCLEAR power will be allowed to go forward in the USA without 3000 years of litigation by progressive left groups blocking its construction? Does anyone really believe that any offshore drilling be allowed without such stringent and demanding regulations as to render it ineffectual?

    This new carrot to the right is nothing more then bait and switch to continue on the path to massive taxation of industry to fuel their voracious social spending frenzy. There is no way the left…progressives allow Nuclear and offshore drilling to go forward.

    So again we are focused on Cap and Tax and COAL.

    AS president Obama has stated:

    That’s why we must invest in clean coal technologies that we can use at home and share with the world. UNTIL those technologies are available, I will rely on the carbon cap and whatever tools are necessary to stop new dirty coal plants from being built in America – including a ban on new traditional coal facilities.

    Do not be fooled by this. This is a way forward to shut down coal plants and make the building of new plants impossibly expensive. In addition Cap and TAX is specifically designed to penalize existing COAL fired plants which provide the bulk of American Energy. Hence rising the taxes that YOU and I pay while not calling them taxes. We them the cost of doing business in a progressives world.

    So to offset the Presidents agenda of destroying the coal industry, raising massive amounts of tax dollars by CAP and Trade……

    At least a half-dozen Republican senators and representatives are planning to head to Denmark next week, as part of the overall U.S. congressional delegation, which includes plenty of Democrats as well.

    Among them are Inhoffe perhaps the leading global warming skeptic along with Sens. Roger Wicker of Mississippi and John Barrasso of Wyoming. On the House side, Reps. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, Joe Barton of Texas and Darrell Issa of California are tentatively planning to attend.

    So just what happens with cap and tax and the Stockholm conference?

    Promises are made. The coal industry is hamstrung and George Soros gets to watch the price of oil once again soar and his portfolio soar along with it.

    Meanwhile Americans are the patsy’s in a global game of Clue where only just a few power brokers laugh at us for the power they are allowed to wield at the expense of billions of World Citizens.

    You decide if Our leaders truly have YOUR interests at heart when they make such deals knowing full well what they ultimately intend to do after the American public is duped into believing.

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