remembering sarah by david horowitz

Remembering Sarah – By David Horowitz

Best seller author and prominent conservative David Horowitz wrote a must read reflection on his latest book, “A Cracking of the Heart,” for PowerLine. In this book, Horowitz looks back at the life his daughter Sarah led, until death took her. She was 44 years when she died.


I have had the sad task of writing a just-published book about my daughter Sarah who died at the age of 44 from complications related to a birth condition. No parent should have to bury his child, and the book I have written, which is called A Cracking of the Heart, is naturally about grief and loss, which is something that none of us can escape. But it is also about my remarkable child who came into this world with handicaps that would have defeated most of us but managed to make her short life a blessing to others. She was a compassionate individual and a gifted writer, who despite her disabilities traveled to distant lands to help those in need.

She was also a liberal whose last campaign was a trip to Iowa in the teeth of a bitter winter to help the first African American win the presidential nomination of a major political party. This inevitably stimulated a dialogue between us, and because my daughter was a serious and intelligent thinker it engaged the essential themes that divide us into liberals and conservatives.

Read the entire tribute to Sarah at PowerLineI received a (signed!) copy of A Cracking of the Heart myself, a review of it will follow later this month. For now, I’d like to second Scott Johnson who calls it a “loving work of reflection, reconstruction and remembrance.” Like him, “I highly recommend it.”

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